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Marketing Strategies of Tata Motors

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As India celebrates its 50 years of independence, the passenger car industry celebrated a centenary of its existence in India in 1998. Despite this head start, the industry has never quite matched up to the performance of its counterparts in other parts of the world. The all-pervasive atmosphere created by the government's license raj was primarily responsible for this situation. The various layers of Acts sheltered the industry from external competition and smothered the development of the Indian automobile industry. Moreover, the industry was considered low priority as cars were considered to be an "unaffordable luxury."
Hence in the first part of the project I have taken up the strategic group analysis of TELCO as this is one company whose indigenously manufactured cars like Tatamobile, Indica and Safari have performed well on Indian Roads.
In the second part of the project I conducted a study on the consumer perception about small cars. Firstly, I took three brands of small cars ; Zen, Indica and Santro for a comparative study of small car segment.
Later I went through the process of filling the questionnaires, to know exactly what the customerís of small cars perceived about their cars. A sample size of sixty respondents was taken. Sample unit was a customer who owned a small car. Secondary data from various sources like magazines, journals etc was also collected.
The findings showed that the consumerís who owned small cars basically wanted good performance ,after sales service and a car at their budget, a less expensive one.
All the cars taken for the sample showed that the consumers perceived them as almost same in all the attributes like safety, comfort and luxury. Respondents liked Indica more for its looks, whereas Marutiís after sales service was perceived to be good.
But, at the end the research was limited due to small sample size, small sample area and time constraints.

Number of Pages of Project Report: 75
Package Includes: Project Report
Synopsis Available: No
Project Format: Document (.doc)

Table of Contents of Project Report:
1. Introduction
- Profile
- Indian Car Industry Background
- Major Objective of the Project
2. Literature Review
3. Methodology
4. Discussion of Analysis and Findings
5. Conclusion & Recommendations
6. Bibliography
7. Appendix

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