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Marketing Strategies of BPL

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After the Asian games in New Delhi (held in 1982) the market for color television has increased phenomenally. However, gradually this industry witnessed competition, which paved the wave for newer products. The consumer choice was largely dictated by quality and price. The competition became tougher day-by-day. And it was difficult for the companies to survive & fight for their market share. Nevertheless there were companies, which had an edge and could monopolize the market demand in their favour. Some of these companies are BPL, Videocon, Onida and Philips. The period was followed with increased market share of these industries, which are by now well established and successful.
I have decided to conduct a Market research on BPL Ltd. And I have selected Exploratory design to conduct the market research because it is the most sound research design that is likely to achieve my research objectives. My goal is to explore rather than conclude on the level of awareness that people have about BPL Color Televisions. I was interested in knowing the expectations and apprehensions people have from the company. The Exploratory studies are used to seek small-scale information rather than definite results. I also analyzed that this research design is relatively inexpensive as compared to other research designs.
Primary Objective
The main purpose of this study is to determine different strategies that are adopted by the company to achieve its targets. Moreover the strategies will be evaluated to see which is best amongst them.
Secondary Objective
The secondary objective of the research is to find the image of the company among the customers.

Number of Pages of Project Report: 68
Package Includes: Project Report
Synopsis Available: No
Project Format: Document (.doc)

Table of Contents of Project Report:
Chapter 1 Introduction of the study
- General Introduction
- Objectives of the study
- Secondary data
- Primary data
- Limitations

Chapter 2 About the company
- Company Profile
- History
- Mission
- Guiding Principles
- Brand Action
- Brand Vision
- Unique objectives of the company
- SWOT Analysis

Chapter 3 Overall Marketing Strategies
- Current Marketing plan of BPL ltd.
- Marketing Strategies of BPL ltd.
- Marketing Mix of BPL ltd.

Chapter4 Facts & Findings
- Press Releases
- Findings based on Questionnaire

Chapter5 Industry & Market Overview
- Growth & Evolution of CTV Industry
- Price Comparison-BPL & Other Competitors

Chapter6 Conclusion & Recommendations
- Bibliography
- Sample Questionnaire

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