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To Study the Market Position of Anti-Asthmatic Drugs of Cipla

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The respiratory diseases are growing at an alarming rate all over the world. In India also the diseases related to respiratory problems have increased massively over the years. Hence the pharmaceutical companies are coming up with different medicines to capture this potential market. The respiratory disease market was valued at Rs. 1.13 billion in 2006, which represent a market share of 9.7 percent of the total pharmaceutical market in India. The growth rate in financial year 2006-2007 was 12.32 percent.
The respiratory market as defined above generates revenue worth Rs. 5.4 billion in financial year 2006-2007. This represents revenue generated from drugs used for asthma & TB. There is huge number of products in this market with over 100 players in this category. About 50 percent of the market held by top three or four companies.
Anti-asthmatic market stands at Rs. 2600 million in the financial year 2006-2007, with a growth rate of 12.2 percent, and of this 12.2 percent 30 percent of the market is for inhalants (i.e. aerosol type of dosage form) which is witnessing around 25.27 percent growth. Half of the market is for oral solids (having 8-10 percent growth) and the rest is for liquid i.e. syrups form of medication (having 13-15 percent of growth). The number of asthma cases is highest in developed & developing countries and it is forecasted to reach 45.8 million by 2006. This present a great opportunity for pharmaceutical companies in this market, more so for the established players like CIPLA, who have kept their product updated to the latest technology.
The asthma is crowned with about 55 players, with some having a strong presence in the market. Cipla is the clear market leader, has a product in almost every sub-category. Hence, entry barriers are high for new entrants. High cost of therapy deters many from availing the latest drugs.
Most of the new drugs are expensive and do not reach the masses that depend on government hospitals for medicines. Hence companies can aim to sell these products to a small section of the population only.
Cipla is the clear market leader with 45 percent of the market. The company’s three brands – Asthalin, Aerocot and Beclate are in the top 5 brands in anti-asthmatic market. Glaxo, Allerburys, Astra IDL, German Remadies and Modi Mundi pharma, Kopran (market share ranges from 10.2 to 3.4 percent).
Asthalin (Salbutamol) is the leading brand in this market and many extensions of the brand have been launched, the CFC free inhaler is one, which has made news recently. The product has tremendous potential in the domestic as well as in the US market. Cipla is targeting $ 1.2 billion US market.
This project report is an attempt to find out the views of the retailers and Doctors about Cipla, and the services it provide. As customers are the bread and butter of any company. For Cipla also the view and opinions of its customers are of utmost importance.
So a sample survey was done among the retailers and doctors and their opinions were recorded. The analysis shows that maximum retailers and doctors are happy with the services that Cipla provides to them.
Based on the market research done, certain recommendations have been made at the end of the project which I believe will be of some importance for the organization.

Number of Pages of Project Report: 75
Package Includes: Project Report
Project Format: Document (.doc)

Table of Contents of Project Report:
1. Acknowledgement
2. Executive summary
3. Company Profile
4. Product Profile
- About Asthma
5. Objective
6. Research Methodology
7. Limitations
8. Findings and Analysis
9. Conclusions
10. Recommendations
11. Bibliography

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