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Marketing Plan for Launching a Chocolate Brand in India

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India is on the move and so are the markets in India. Apart from economic changes. India is also facing social changes like changes in life style, hobbies etc. New fashions, Advertisements holidays, etc. are in today.
Further, food habits of Indians are changing rapidly. Chocolates, which were believed to be kid’s preference, are now being consumed by kids, teenagers, and adults. Chocolate market in India (Currently 20,000 tones is growing at the rate of 22% annually).
To take advantage of the growing market, international confectionery companies are getting ready to woo the proverbial Indian Sweet tooth. An influx of worlds leading Chocolate players is expected.
Further, since Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) is a representative body of the Indian Industry, it receives its inquiries for pertinent marketing information from various domestic and international players, who want to invest in India.
In the above context, the prime objective of this report is to prepare a marketing plan for any brand that is planning to enter the India Chocolate Market. Therefore, this report is generic (broad – based) to the extent that it does not focus on any single brand. However, this may prove to be a relevant marketing guide for any brand launch in India.
Future Outlook:
The growth and expansion of the Indian chocolate market in the past has been hampered, due to stiff excise duties on chocolates (at 18 percent – while other agro based products are being charged as low as 8% and a few, even 0% excise) and non-availability of quality cocoa in the country.
Also, import of chocolates has been put in the OGL category, with duties being reduced (in a phased manner). The industry has made recommendations to the Indian government to go back to the special item list category, in order to safeguard the domestic industry.
However, continuous marketing focus by the players in the market has resulted in the industry looking up like never before. These companies/brands have become much more market savvy. The Indian chocolate market is transforming and new players (Sara Lee is planning to set up base in India) are entering the market. Hence, considering the low per capita consumption of chocolates, the future of the industry seems to upbeat.

Number of Pages of Project Report: 54
Package Includes: Project Report
Synopsis Available: No
Project Format: Document (.doc)

Table of Contents of Project Report:
1. Objective of study
2. Methodology
3. The Industry scenario
4. Direct Competition
- Cadbury’s India Limited
- Nestle India Limited
- Others
- Imported Foreign Brands

5. Marketing Objectives
6. Marketing Research
7. Findings
8. Recommended Marketing Strategy - Segmentation & Target Market
9. Michael Porter’s Model for Competitive Advantage
10. Recommended Marketing Mix
11. Market testing Plan
12. Future Outlook

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