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Concept of Ambush Marketing

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The first instance of Ambush Marketing in India dates back to the 1996 Cricket World Cup held in the sub—continent. Through Coca-Cola was the ‘official’ sponsor of the event, Pepsi stole the limelight with its ‘Nothing official about it’ tagline. The instance perhaps marks the most famous example of ‘Ambush Marketing’ (a marketing tactic which gained prominence globally in the Eighties) in India.
The term has come into the spotlight yet again, not surprisingly again in the context of India’s favourite pastime – cricket. This time, though, it is at the heart of a ranging controversy, which has vexed leading cricketers to no end. Surely, there can be nothing official about ambush marketing either.
This compilation deals with various issues related to Ambush Marketing such as, what are the objectives of ambush marketing? Is it a clever marketing tactic? Or is it an unethical method of hitting your rival in a devious manner?
Adequate measures have been taken to make this complication a good and interesting read. Special care has been taken to ensure a smooth flow of contents to enable even people with little, or no idea, of marketing relate to the subject.
Chapter 1 throws light on the Concept of Ambush Marketing. The chapter includes Introduction, Definition and Origin of the concept.
Chapter 2 elucidates the Evolution of Ambush Marketing. The chapter has been dealt in the context of the three major sporting event of the world – The Olympics, the FIFA Football World Cup and the ICC Cricket World Cup.
Chapter 3 deals with the Practice of Ambush Marketing. The chapter envisages the various Strategies adopted by the ‘ ambushers’, Reasons for resorting to Ambush Marketing and the Difficulties faced in countering these strategies.
Chapter 4 details about the various modes of Ambush Marketing Protection adopted by the organizers, and their limitations.
Chapter 5 discusses the ethical and moral issues related to Ambush Marketing. The chapter puts across the views of several well known thinkers of Marketing.

Number of Pages of Project Report: 64
Package Includes: Project Report
Synopsis Available: No
Project Format: Document (.doc)

Table of Contents of Project Report:
Chapter 1: The Concept
1.1 Introduction
1.2 Definition
1.2 Origin
Chapter 2: The Evolution
2.1 Olympic Games
2.2 FIFA Football World Cup
2.3 ICC Cricket World Cup
Chapter 3: The Practice
3.1 Strategies adopted
3.2 Reasons for resorting
3.3 Difficulties created for organizers
Chapter 4: Ambush Marketing Protection
4.1 Contract
4.2 Legislation
4.3 Surveillance
Chapter 5: Ethical and Moral Issues

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