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Market Potential and Market Demand of Multimedia Based Communication Solution And A Brief Report on Customer Relationship Management

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The project is concerned with the awareness, market potential and the demand of Multimedia based communication solutions in all the functional areas of an organization. Identification of the existing patterns of communication, future communication needs are also included in the objectives to give a complete meaning to the research. The duration of the project was thirteen weeks and the areas where the project was to be executed are Delhi, Gurgaon and Noida city.
With the emerging trends of electronic media which includes Video, Multimedia and the Internet, Macro graphics wanted to know the future of multimedia for their strategic planning purpose. The company wanted to assess the present corporate scenario and potential of the multimedia, in which the company wanted to flourish.
Keeping in view, the different aspects of research, the project has been carried out by considering all vital points of research methodology. The data collection process has been completed by gathering data from Primary sources as well as Secondary sources. Primary data collection was carried out by personally interviewing the clients i.e.. the concern heads of an organization. Considering the nature and extent of the study, the secondary data is collected from various libraries, located in Delhi.
The data collection method for this project begins with preparing a complete database of all the companies on the basis of nature of business. Then these companies have been categorized in to four parts: I.T./Software, Pharmaceuticals, Service oriented and Product oriented companies. The instrument used for data collection was a structured questionnaire, targeted towards the concern manager of respective department. The Stratified sampling technique is used in order to obtain a representative sample. The universe which has been taken in the project is finite, i.e. 1400 companies. Then 100 companies have been selected from the universe to constitute a sample, on the basis of turnover of the companies. The turnover has been considered as at least 100 crores. By using the method of Proportional allocation, the different starters which constitute a sample are: I.T./Software-28 companies, Pharmaceuticals- 6 companies, Service oriented- 32 companies and Product oriented- 34 companies.
Despite the slowdown of Global Economy, sluggish Industrial growth and a poor G.D.P., The outcomes, which have been drawn from the analysis, are as follows:
- Out of 100 companies, 63 companies are using multimedia based communication solutions i.e. more than 63% of the companies are aware of the multimedia solutions. This is a good figure, which indicates that the multimedia technology is considerably in a better position.
- Out of 100 companies, 59 companies are showing future demand of multimedia based communication solutions. This shows a good sign for the industry as a whole.
- The demand is high in Product and Service oriented companies. Out of 63 companies, which are presently using multimedia, 36 companies are from Product and Service sector. And out of 59 companies, which are showing future demand , 42 are from Product and Service sector.
- In Product oriented sector, Out of 34 companies, 20 companies i.e. 59% are using multimedia and 24 companies i.e. 71% are having a future demand. And in Service oriented sector, out of 32 companies, 16 companies i.e. 50% are using multimedia and 18 companies i.e. 56% are having a future demand.
- In I.T./Software companies, the demand is quite fair, but they cater their communication needs through in house. They rarely go to any agency for their work.
- In Pharmaceuticals sector, it is estimated that the scope of multimedia is high, out of 6 companies i.e., 83% are using multimedia and 33% are showing future demand.
- The more the communication budget, the more there is chance of using multimedia based communication solutions. It is found and analyzed that Service and Product oriented companies having high communication budget ( 50 lakhs & above )
Thus, from the Findings and Analysis it is recommended to Macro Graphics that it should approach more in Product and Service oriented companies, because of its high multimedia solutions needs and demands, high communication budget, considerably good number of one man deciding authority. Macro graphics should not also ignore Pharmaceuticals and Institutional sectors. There is a high chance of getting the business from this sector.

Number of Pages of Project Report: 43
Package Includes: Project Report
Synopsis Available: No
Project Format: Document (.doc)

Table of Contents of Project Report:
1. Executive Summary
2. Introduction
3. Objective of the project
4. Need of the project
5. Sampling design
- Types of Sample design
6. Data Collection Sources
7. Data collection methods and instruments
8. Customer Relationship management
9. Macro Economic Overview
10. Introduction to macro graphics
11. Analysis
12. Limitation of the project
13. Recommendations
14. Conclusion

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