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Role of Below & Above-The-Line Communication in Brand Building: A Study of Color Television Industry

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Companies have relied upon Branding as a powerful tool for providing a differentiated offering. Branding has been around for centuries as a means to distinguish the goods of one producer from those of another. Today, the market scenario is a Battleground for various competitors who have commoditized products across various Sectors of the Industry. Intensive usage of Technological advances through Research and Development have made firms to achieve a stage where imitation of product features is easy and a sustained market monopoly has almost vanquished. The biggest issue and challenge facing manufacturers today from a marketing perspective is: How is it possible to differentiate a commodity so that their business rises above commodity market place and persuade some buyers to pay a premium for the offering over an extended period of time. Branding is a key defense against “Commoditization” – a situation in which a company’s products and services become perceived by users as being interchangeable with those of other companies, so buying decisions become driven by price. Branding will help you "fence off" your customers from the competition and protect your market share while building mind share. Once you have mind share, you customers will automatically think of you first when they think of your product category. Over-cluttering of advertisements, varied promotional schemes and Price Wars have rather created confusion in the minds of the customers. Gone are the days when companies used Advertising as a tool for influencing the Customers Purchase decision. This has thereby affected their decision making process making it more and more complex in nature.
Thus it is very essential to communicate the various aspects of the brand to the potential customers. This research project has been carried out to address the significance and role of Below & Above-the-line Communication Efforts in influencing a firm’s brand building activities with special emphasis on the Color Television Industry in India. Below-the-line promos are differentiated from Above-the-line activity by the simple fact that no commissions are paid. These cover direct marketing, promotions, events, loyalty programs- all activities that do no involve mass media.

From the exploratory study of various Brand Building and Communication Strategies, of the different companies operating in the Color Television Industry in India, various tools & factors were identified that can serve as a mode of differentiation. Also a descriptive research was carried out to find the impact and effectiveness of various Below & Above-the-line Communication Efforts from these companies on Brand Building with respect to Brand Awareness, Image and future Purchase Intentions.

From the study it has been found that Above-the-line Communication efforts have a significant influence in creating a strong brand awareness however they do not have a significant impact in influencing the future purchase decisions. Below-the-line communication efforts on the other hand significantly influence the brand preference and eventually the future purchase decisions of the consumers in the consumer durable industry. Advertising can get your information across to the consumers, however there is a need to back them up with ground-level activities that enables the company to make a direct grab for the customer. Below-the-line efforts tend to create more interaction between the customer and a company, creating powerful, long term loyalties and profit. Advertising as a tool, may be useful in maintaining a brand however advertising for launch, reposition or brand building is ineffectual. What works in branding today is publicity, not advertising. A new band must be capable of generating favorable publicity in the media or it won’t have a chance in the marketplace. The best way to generate publicity is by being first. What others say about your brand is so much more powerful than what you can say about it yourself. That’s why publicity in general is more powerful than advertising.

Number of Pages of Project Report: 89
Package Includes: Synopsis/Project Proposal + Project Report
Synopsis Available: Yes
Project Format: Document (.doc)

Table of Contents of Project Report:
- Executive Summary
CHAPTER I: Introduction
1.1 Relevance of Branding: A brief overview
1.2 Brand Building: Conceptual Framework
1.3 Brand Building and its components
1.4 Review of literature
1.5 Rationale For The Study
1.6 Objectives of the study
1.7 Organization of the study
2.1 Scope of the study
2.2 Hypothesis formulation
2.3 Research design
2.4 Research Assumptions
2.5 Sources of Data
2.6 Data collection procedure
2.7 Sampling Framework
2.8 Statistical Tools and Techniques
3.1 Color Television Industry: Overview
3.2 Brand Building Strategies
(a) LG Electronics India Pvt. Ltd
(c) Samsung Electronics India Ltd.
4.1 Analysis & Findings
5.1 Conclusion
5.2 Recommendation
5.3 Limitation

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