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Sales & Distribution Effectiveness: Lg Electronics & IFB

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This Sales & Distribution project undertaken on IFB Industries & LG Electronics (Consumer Durables) scientifically calculates the effectiveness of the S&D operations of both the companies in order to compare them and reach a conclusion.
This project provides a deep insight into the pre sales distribution activities ranging from transportation, warehousing to managing dealer networks; sales activities and their management; post sales services provided to the customer and the network management of the two companies.
The two companies have an acknowledged presence in the world as well as to a great extent in India. IFB produces four categories of consumer durables whereas LG has a wider range of products. Yet, the two organizations have positioned their brands in a strategic way which has led them to acquire a relevant share in the market.
This project not only gives details regarding the S&D practices and strategies of the two companies but also based on 6 pre defined parameters such as customer orientation, order processing, service quality etc. gives a mathematical figure to compare the effectiveness of the S&D operations of IFB and LG.
The end of the report highlights the marked differences in the modus operandi of the two companies in the form of a comparative analysis. At LG all the activities are well defined and accounted for. It follows an aggressive marketing strategy.
While at IFB, the roles are not as clearly defined as LG but due to high margins and good product quality, it has been able to carve a share and create a stand for itself in the market. Followed by it is the calculation of the 'effectiveness factor' which is better for LG Electronics. The sales and marketing functions are clearly demarcated at LG. Thus while the sales team handles dealers’ sales quotas, the marketing department handles their training needs.
The report suggests IFB to concentrate on introducing newer technology and conducting effective training programmes for dealers.
While LG should also give more benefits to dealers in order to make the best of all the effort that goes in the distribution of the products and loose it all only because of margins etc.
Thus, IFB in specific areas needs more improvement in order to reduce the gap from the ideal effectiveness score and to fare better than the competitors.

Number of Pages of Project Report: 73
Package Includes: Project Report
Project Format: Document (.doc)

Table of Contents of Project Report:
Executive Summary
1. Methodology
1.1) Sector & Players
1.2) Sampling
1.3) Data Collection Sources
1.4) Data Collection Tools
1.5) Data Analysis Tools
1.6) Limitations
2. Company Background
2.1) LG Electronics
2.2) IFB Industries
3. Findings, Data Analysis & Conclusion
3.1) Descriptive Data
a) LG
- Distribution System
- Service System
- Sales Functioning
b) IFB
- Distribution System
- Service System
- Sales Functioning
3.2) Quantitative Analysis & Effectiveness
a) Calculation of the Effectiveness Score
- LG
b) Analysis of the Effectiveness Score
c) Comparative Conclusion
3.3) Sales Report Format
4. Recommendations
5. Bibliography
6. Annexure

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