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Sales Potential, Consumer Awareness and Product Awareness of Kajaria Ceramics

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India being one of the largest domestic market and an emerging Global center is very well positioned to take the mantle of a Global manufacturing base. Kajaria Ceramics Ltd has played its own role in achieving this goal. Since our founding in mid 1988, we have been moving forward aggressively on many fronts to capitalize on solid growth opportunities, to improve our operating efficiency and to sharpen our business portfolio's focus. Today, as a result of our internal growth initiatives and several strategic and innovative initiatives, our business has grown many folds.
Kajaria Ceramics Ltd have started with one mn sq mtr capacity in 1988. Today the aggregate capacity of the Company is 26.4 mn sq mtr distributed across two plants. Sikandrabad at Uttar Pradesh (capacity 9.70 mn sq mtrs) and Gailpur at Rajasthan (capacity 16.70 mn sq mtrs). The Ceramic Tile industry is performing well because of good growth in housing due to a number of factors like rising income of middle class, easy access of finance and income tax benefits for housing to builders and individuals.
The Company is expecting a high growth and larger consumer satisfaction in the years to come. Over the coming years, we expect to explore organic and inorganic opportunities in pursuit of our goal to report an attractive turnover increase in every single year and our vision of reporting revenues of Rs 1100 crore by 20011-12.
The objective of the study were:
1. To study the sales potential of KAJARIA CERAMICS in central and North Delhi and suggest remedial measures/action, if any.
2. To study the consumer awareness about KAJARIA tiles and bring out the drawbacks or positive points, if any.
3. Study the perception of dealers/sub-dealers about KAJARIA tiles and bring out the drawbacks or positive points, if any.
4. To find out the competitive stand of KAJARIA ceramics in terms of design, price, availability, relation marketing etc.

Number of Pages of Project Report: 88
Package Includes: Project Report
Project Format: Document (.doc)

Table of Contents of Project Report:
- Preface
- Introduction
- Objectives of the study
- Scope of the study
1. Managerial usefulness of the study
2. Significance of the study
- Research Methodology
- Rationale Behind the Study
- Sales Promotion
- Market Information
- Strategy to make Distribution Network more Effective
- Data Analysis & Interpretation, Findings
- Recommendations
- Suggestions
- Bibliography
- Annexures
1. Sample Questionnaire
2. Kajaria Products Gallery

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