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Consumer Buying Behaviour of Ozone Pharma Limited

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The objective of this project was to study the consumer behavior in face wash gel market by their purchase process, usage patterns and retail store audit. As we all know the future for Indian pharmaceutical manufacturers is promising and challenging. Promising because quality oriented and value-for-money healthcare continues to be the need of the hour and is expected to remain so. Challenging because the incidence of lifestyle ailments is growing rapidly and needs to be addressed with urgency. As a result, the domestic and international markets offer an attractive growth opportunity. Indian companies that possess the intellectual capability and product development skills can capitalize on the emerging global opportunities and build a profitable long-term presence.
The chapter Methodology talks about the various methods I have used while carrying out the project, whereas the chapter Company Background gives the details about company history, technologies used, values and the products it manufactures.
The chapter Findings, Data Analysis and Conclusions give the information regarding the various findings I found out while carrying out the project, while the Data analysis talks about analysation of data which I collected from the questionnaire and interviews.
After analysis of the questionnaire, I came to the conclusions that, Nomarks has an effective distribution system, good profit margin, good bonus offers & consumer offers. However, they need to take effective steps towards making brand recognition.
The recommendations have been made which can help the organisation and guide them to become leaders in the business world.
The chapter Bibliography gives the details of the material which we referred during the project. Last but not least section of this report contains the Annexure.
Ozone Ayurvedics offers a natural, organic way to health and healing. Established in 1991 by its parent company, Ozone Pharmaceuticals Limited, the move represented a well-planned diversification into herbal products. It was also in line with the 'natural' wave that was sweeping across the world. Spurred by the realization that allopathic medicines could, in some cases, be a double-edged sword, Ozone added a whole new dimension to its healing mission by evolving a diverse portfolio of herbal products ranging from skincare and pain relievers to eye care and cough formulae.

Number of Pages of Project Report: 48
Package Includes: Project Report
Project Format: Document (.doc)

Table of Contents of Project Report:
1. Executive Summary
2. Methodology
- Sampling
- Data collection Sources
- Data Collection Tools
- Data Analysis Tools
- Discussion Guideline
3. Company Background
- Products
4. Findings, Data Analysis and Conclusions
5. Recommendations
6. Bibliography
7. Annexure
- Questionnaire for Retailers
- Questionnaire for Consumers

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