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Market Study of Polyester Cotton in India (Methodology followed by Vardhman)

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This project titled “Market Study on Polyester Cotton in India” is a detailed study of Vardhman Group. The first chapter I have given in this project is introduction to the industry in which I have included on textile industry, History of textile industry and influence of textile industry.
The second chapter includes the Introduction about the company. I have given brief of the Vardhman Group.
In the third chapter I have given in this project includes the Research Methodology in which I have covered the objective of the project, Scope of the study, significance of the study, research design, sample methodology and limitation of the project which I have faced. In the fourth chapter I have given the facts and finding of the project in tabulated form.
Fifth chapter data analysis and interpretation I have covered the diagrammatical data and conclusions derived from them.
Lastly the recommendation and conclusion describe the researcher’s personal conclusions of the research.
Objective One:
To study the market of Polyester Cotton in India for domestic brand.
Objective Two:
To suggest strategies for selling the same.
Objective Three:
- To provide the findings of the survey conducted and giving the suggestions to increase market of Polyester Cotton in India.
- For achieving the above-mentioned objective, information was collected through primary sources.
- For primary information, a casual interaction was conducted with consumers of different sections of society and ages in Delhi NCR Region. A consumer survey has also been done with the help of structured questionnaire in which sample size is 500. Respondents were met and were asked questions on their buying behavior of shirts, trousers that included Polyester cotton.
- The data, hence collected was compiled and analyzed for the final preparation of the report.

Number of Pages of Project Report: 78
Package Includes: Project Report
Project Format: Document (.doc)

Table of Contents of Project Report:
1. Introduction to the Industry
- History of Textile
- Textile History in India
- Influences of changes shaping the industry
- Changes in Emphasis
- Implementation of New Equipment
- New Marketing Trend
- Competition
- Decentralized sectors
- Technocrats
- Cost Consciousness
- Labor-intensive industry
- Labor cost comparison (Europe & India)
- Indian Textile Industry has some inherent strength
- Table showing the India’s Competitiveness with Other Country
- India’s world market share in Textile Industry
- Indian Textiles targets to achieve by end of the 11th Five year Plan (2007-2012)
- Textiles Export Target (In Billions)
- Textile scenario
- Challenges in the Textile sector

2. Introduction to the Company
- About Vardhman
- History
- Mission
- Philosophy
- Portfolio
- Board of Directors
- Vardhman Holdings Limited
- Vardhman Acrylics Limited
- Performance
- Financial Indicators of Vardhman Group (Rs. In Crores)
- Market
- Achievements
3. Research Methodology
a. Title Justification
b. Objectives
c. Scope of the Study
d. . Significance of the Study
e. Research Design
f. Sampling Methodology
- Sampling Unit
- Sampling Technique
- Sampling Area
- Sample Size
g. Limitation of the Study
4. Facts and Findings
5. Data Analysis and Interpretation
6. Recommendations
7. Conclusions
8. Bibliography
9. Annexure
- Questionnaire

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