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Studying the Current Market Share and Market Availability of Art and Hobby Materials (Pidilite)

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This project report in Pidilite is a complete study, covering all important aspects and chapters that have been presented to you in a very systematic way and the things are brought up step by step in order to bring clarity in the mind of the reader. Its systematic and stepwise presentation has made it easy to understand. Moreover, the whole project report has been made in easier terms in such a way that it becomes very simple to understand.
There are successive chapters that have been followed in the project report, the details of which have been mentioned in the content part. So, basically it starts with the introduction part where the project report tells you about the introduction of the study, its objectives, significance, scope and other basic introductory parts required to move ahead.
After introduction, there comes research methodology, which tells you basically about the way and the research design that have been followed while conducting the survey or research study. It covers fieldwork plan, sampling plan, data collection instruments, data collection methods, sources of data and project assumptions. Its main purpose is to make you familiar with the entire process that has been followed while conducting the market survey.
Than comes the turn of the main part, where the results are brought in front of you. This section is of findings and analysis which tells you about the real market position or current market scenario with the help of pie charts and bar graphs that have been further analyzed to tell you about the market observations and present critical views or points about the same.
Further, come conclusions and recommendations that have been told to you after analyzing the whole scenario. Its main aim is to bring the analyzed part in a summarized form and to tell you about the corrective steps that can be taken to improve the present situation.
In the last comes bibliography and appendix. This apart actually covers the sources, which have been used to collect the relevant information. Along with that a copy of questionnaire is presented to you, for your reference. Thus its systematic presentation will actually help you to go through the entire study very easily.
Also, efforts have been made to present all the relevant points and other important concepts which will help the organization to have a much larger, clear and bright picture of the market.

Number of Pages of Project Report: 61
Package Includes: Project Report
Project Format: Document (.doc)

Table of Contents of Project Report:
1. Synopsis
2. Introduction
- Organization background
- Introduction of the study
- Objectives of the project
- Hypothesis
- Significance of the project
- Scope of the project

3. Research Methodology
4. Findings and Analysis
5. Conclusions and Recommendations
6. Bibliography
7. Appendix

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