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Consumer Buying Behaviour (Indal)

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Indian Alumbin Company, a vertically integrated company has established itself as a leader in Aluminium business.
Foil and packaging as one of its business derivatives is suffering mainly due to absence of market representation, which was told by maximum number of pharmaceutical companies.
Moreover the company is also suffering due to buying attitude of pharmaceutical companies, which prefers local convertors, lying in their vicinity. To parry these lacunas company has to review its distribution channel, so more market can be covered and in addition to it company should follow personal relation parameter to fix its product in the mind of pharmaceutical companies. In personal relation in-person visit, presentation about company and its products, seminar like activities is coming. Company should use any of the above activity.
Inspite of these lacunas still there is silver lining, big pharmaceutical manufacturers are regular buyer of INDALs foil, due to its quality and supplying norms of INDAL.
But as a vertical integrated company which can adopt any cost cutting exercise, should not over look pharmaceutical industry locate in small scale, which made themselves pioneer in process formulation, a insulator to patent right regime which poised to be implemented in Indian industry. So companies in small scale will have thriving chances.

Number of Pages of Project Report: 34
Package Includes: Project Report
Project Format: Document (.doc)

Table of Contents of Project Report:
1. Company Profile
2. Product Profile
3. Objective of the Research
4. Research Methodology
(i) Sampling process
(ii) Research Method
(iii) Data Collection
(iv) Field work
(v) Data Analysis
5. SWOT Analysis
6. Problems Identified
7. Suggestions
8. Executive Summary
9. Appendix
(A) Questionnaire
(B) List of Pharma manufacturers

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