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Feasibilty Study and Developing Marketing Strategies for Screw Compressors (Methodology Followed by Atlas Copco)

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This report is going to analyze the success of the strategies adopted by ATLAS COPCO (I) Ltd. in expanding their base in the Faridabad region. This project will not only focus on the success of the strategies but also try to reveal some of the chinks in the strategies and functioning of the company. ATLAS COPCO (I) Ltd. is at present the market leader in the screw compressors segment. But for a company to keep on growing lots of strategies have to be implemented. And this is what this report will focus on.
Most of all, the company always wants to know what their image in the market with the customers is. And since the employees themselves do not have a chance to find out the same, I have been given this opportunity to find out from the existing customers about the product performance and functioning of the company in comparison to that of competitors in their customer handling and service support.
So in the era of hard core, cut throat competition, what is the shortcoming faced by them, where they should spend their money, how they can increase their revenue, which customers they should target and how should they go about it. All these nuances of the business will be covered by this report. All in all I hope this report is going to serve the purpose that is helping the company to develop new strategies while comparing with the other competitors, and giving the customer perception of the company as whole.

Number of Pages of Project Report:57
Package Includes: Project Report
Project Format: Document (.doc)

Table of Contents of Project Report:
1. Abstract
2. Introduction
(i) Purpose, Scope and Limitations
(ii) Sources and Methods
(iii) Organization Details
3. Atlas Copco Product
4. Current Industry Scenario
i. Marketing channel
ii. Sales promotion
iii. Research Design
iv. Questionnaire Design
5. SWOT Analysis
6. Main Analysis
7. Findings
i. Faridabad Region
ii. Gurgaon Region
8. Recommendations
9. References

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