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Impact of Sports Personalities on Marketing Products

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This study is dedicated to construct a theory with practical proofs with respect to the boost in marketing of brands using sports personalities. There has been a recent shift in preference to sports celebrities in India by the companies to endorse their brands. Some say it is due to the credibility they generate, as they are the real life hero’s while others just bank on their popularities with various sects. The reasons can be many but the end result is the same i.e. Brand association. There are many positives and negatives with this association, which will be discussed further in the report.
This practice has been in use for several years now in the western world but is relatively new in India, harnessed by the increased awareness in the Indian population about.
The Bollywood, which ruled the endorsement business for years, has to now share the stage of fame with sports stars as they are also being promoted in the same light these days.
Through this project, we have tried to build the success story around sports celebs and if they are promoted in the right way they can prove to be a success for a brand. Also, whether Celebrity endorsement has a positive or a negative impact on the brand is a debate that is open to interpretation. But till the time the corporate world continues to foot fancy bills of celebrity endorsers and till consumers continue to be in awe of the stars, the party is not likely to break up.

Number of Pages of Project Report: 130
Package Includes: Project Report
Project Format: Document (.doc)

Table of Contents of Project Report:
1. Introduction
2. Theoretical base for the Project
- What is Brand?
- Brand Image
- Brand Management
- Brand rationalization
3. Celebrities as Brands
- Overview of Celebrity Endorsement
4. History
5. Why sports personalities are used in marketing
6. Whats happening around the world
7. Introduction to India’s current scenario
- Chinese sports stars in advertising
- Chinese women's volleyball team for TCL
- Liu Xiang for Kia
- Why are advertisers using sports stars?
- Some famous sports stars and their endorsements
8. Positive Impacts Of Celebrity Endorsement On The Brand
9. Negative Impacts Of Celebrity Endorsement On The Brand
10. Strategic Management For Using Sports Personality
11. Trends In Sports Marketing
12. Mechanism And Theories Of Celebrity Endorsement
13. Case Study: Narain Karthikeyan
14. Case Study Ii: Kapil Dev
15. Questionnaire: Consumers
16. Analysis
17. Conclusion And Recommendations
18. Bibliography

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