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Effectiveness of the various Marketing Schemes offered by Indian Airlines Limited

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Indian Airlines, a world class airlines, offers a number of schemes to fulfill the passengers’ desire. For this purpose, a study was conducted on the marketing schemes of Indian Airlines. Thus, the objective of this report was to seek awareness about the different schemes of Indian Airlines among the passengers.
The various marketing schemes offered by Indian Airlines are the following:
After the survey was complete, the data was first sorted and then analyzed on the chosen parameters. This analyzed data was later converted in the form of graphs such as pie-charts, etc. This was to make the results easily comprehensible by anyone going through the report. This also made it easy to draw conclusions based on the research and provide a presentable format of the report. Then all the information was compiled in the form of a presentable and highly comprehensible report.
Thus, from the survey conducted, the analysis was done and it was found that the awareness about the schemes among the passengers is not much and those who know about the schemes, are aware of the Frequent Flyer Programme. As far as the packages are concerned, Goa, Jammu, Rajasthan & Kerala packages are the most preferred ones and those who have availed the packages had a good experience. Apart from the flyaways, Indian Airlines also have Sleepover packages which many fliers had not availed but are interested in trying the package because of the discounts they get from the hotels at the time of check-in.
The primary objective of the study is:
- To know the effect of advertisements on the various marketing schemes of Indian Airlines and its effect on the sales of Indian Airlines.
- To seek awareness about the different schemes of Indian Airlines among the customers.
- To evaluate the performance of Indian Airlines on key performance parameters where a consumer interface is involved.
Ancillary objectives:
- To have an insight into the marketing schemes of Indian Airlines.
- To know about the various holiday packages offered by Indian Airlines.
- To acquaint the customers with the new scheme named Bharat Darshan.
- To understand the opinion of the customers about the Frequent Flyer Programme of Indian Airlines in comparison to other airlines.

Number of Pages of Project Report:69
Package Includes: Synopsis/Project Proposal + Project Report
Project Format: Document (.doc)

Table of Contents of Project Report:
Executive summary
Chapter 1
1.1 Introduction to the study
1.2 Research Problem
1.3 Objectives
1.3.1 Ancillary objectives
1.3.2 Hypothesis formulation
Chapter 2
2.1 Nature of the Research
2.2 Research design
2.3 Data Collection
2.4 Scope of study
Chapter 3
Indian Aviation industry
3.1 Director General of Civil Aviation
3.2 Bureau of Civil Aviation Security
3.3 Indira Gandhi Rashtriya Uran Akademi
3.4 Airport Authority of India
3.5 Air India
3.6 Indian Airlines
3.7 Pawan Hans Helicopter Limited
Chapter 4
4.1 The Beginning of a Saga
4.2 Extensive Network
4.3 People
4.4 Large Fleet
4.5 Organization set up of Indian Airlines
4.6 New Links
4.7 Market Share
4.8 Board of Directors
4.9 Seat factor
4.10 Revenue Passenger Carried
4.11 Profit / loss
4.12 Foreign Exchange Earnings
4.13 Marketing
Chapter 5
Marketing schemes of Indian Airlines
5.1 Indian Airlines Flyaways
5.2 Frequent Flyer Programme
5.3 Desh Videsh
5.4 Bharat Darshan
5.5 Corporate Scheme
Chapter 6
Findings & analysis
6.1 Hypothesis testing
Chapter 7
Chapter 8
Chapter 9
Annexure I Questionnaire

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