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Comparative Analysis of Adidas and Nike (With Reference To their Marketing Strategies and Consumer Perception)

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Adidas is a worldwide producer of sporting goods and holds a leading position in the industry. Nike is the largest seller of athletic footwear and athletic apparel in the world. Both the companies used the FIFA world cup as a powerful weapon in order to boost their sales.
Adidas is ahead of Nike in terms of marketing strategy. Adidas has exploited its home advantage at the World Cup. It narrowed the gap with Nike by purchase of Reebok ($3.8 billion) in 2005 and expects to strengthen its control over the market. Adidas strategy was to heavily invest on the events rather than sponsoring teams and players. It already signed a $350 million deal to extend its World Cup partnership with FIFA up to 2014.
With 50 percent market share of the Indian sports shoe market in 2001, Reebok India (Reebok), the Rs.950 million Indian arm of the Boston (USA)-based $3 billion fitness and sportswear giant Reebok International Ltd. had left competitors Adidas and Nike behind. Being the first of its kind to enter India, Reebok had an edge over its competitors. In 2001, its business had grown by 18 percent.
This project tries to find out that what are the various factors, which leads to a successful brand recall, the marketing strategies and consumer perception of ADIDAS and Nike.
Steps that ADIDAS and Nike take to promote sales and what are the various differentiation strategies that have been adopted to stand out of the race.
The Objectives of the Study are:
Studying the marketing strategies and consumer perception of ADIDAS and Nike.
1. To know about ADIDAS Marketing strategy
2. Steps that ADIDAS and Nike take to promote sales
3. Consumer Perception on Adidas & Nike
4. Marketing- Mix (Four Pís): ADIDAS and Nike

Number of Pages of Project Report: 71
Package Includes: Project Report
Project Format: Document (.doc)

Table of Contents of Project Report:
1. Introduction
2. Objective of the project
3. Research methodology
4. Indian Footwear Industry
5. Introduction & Co. profile (Adidas)
6. Introduction & Co. profile (Nike)
7. Co. Profile Reebok
8. Adidas Range of Product in India
9. Nike Range of Product in India
9. Marketing Strategy Adidas
- SWOT Adidas
- Marketing Strategy Nike
- Shoes In Sports
- Online Business (Shoe Industry)
10. Data Analysis and Findings
11. Conclusion
12. Bibliography

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