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Strategies on growth stages of Indian Direct Selling Market Player (HLN, AMWAY, ORIFLAME AND AVON)

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The sale of consumer products or services through personal contacts, away from fixed retail locations or shops.
Major Advantage of Direct Selling:
Direct-selling companies do away with wholesalers, retailers and other middlemen in the supply chain, thereby reducing their distribution and advertising costs.
Benefits of Direct Selling:
Research shows some of the most popular reasons people choose direct selling are:
- Direct selling is a good way to meet and socialise with people.
- Direct selling offers flexible work schedules.
- Direct selling is a good way to earn extra income.
- Direct selling is a good way to own a business.
- Earnings are in proportion to efforts.
Major Direct Selling Companies in the Indian Market:
1. Amway India
2. AMC Cookware
3. Aviance
4. Avon Beauty
5. Herbalife
6. Lotus Learning
7. ModiCare
8. Oriflame India

Number of Pages of Project Report: 63
Package Includes: Project Report
Project Format: Document (.doc)

Table of Contents of Project Report:
1. Direct Selling
- Major Advantage of Direct Selling
- Benefits of Direct Selling
- Major Challenge of Direct Selling
- Facts and Figures of Direct Selling Industry
- Major Direct Selling Companies in the Indian Market
2. The Indian Perspective
3. Comparison of Hindustan Lever Network, Amway, Oriflame, and Avon at a glance
4. First Stage- Introduction Stage of "Hindustan Lever Network"
- Know more about HLN
- Competitive Advantage--Different Business Model From Its Competitors
- Basic Planning Elements
- Product Description
- Marketing Environment
-- Competition
-- Economic Trends
5. The Market
6. The Strategies
7. Economic Considerations
8. Legal Considerations
9. Conduct Towards Consumers
10. Second Stage "Growth Stage" of Amway India
- Know More about Amway India
- The Direct Selling Success Story of AMWAY
-- Sales Revenue (In Rs. Crores) of Amway and Procter and Gamble
- Innovative Direct Selling Approach
- Key Success Factors
- Learning From Company
- What creates Loyalty
- What Customers Seek?
- How to Retail Customers?
- Multi-level Marketers must ask these questions
- How Amway India can share success
- An Introduction to the Amway Sales and Marketing Plan
- Manufacturing
- Products
- Product Portfolio
11. Third Stage "Maturity Stage" of Oriflame India
- Know more about Oriflame India
- Learning for Company
- The Oriflame Opportunity
- Direct Positioning Possibilities
- The Market Strategies
12. Fourth Stage - Declining Stage of Avon
- Know more about Avon
- Direct Hit- Market Strategies
- Strategies to Track the Awareness, Behaviour, and Attitude of Target Audience
- Product Optimisation
- Market Forecasting
13. References

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