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Consumer's Perception towards E-Learning (Done at e-Macmillan, a subsidiary of Macmillan India Limited)

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This project discusses the "CONSUMERS PERCEPTION TOWARDS E-LEARNING (Done at e-Macmillan, a subsidiary of Macmillan India Limited)". E-Macmillan, the E-business division of Macmillan India Ltd, has entered into the e-learning business by providing online executive development programme to working graduates in India and abroad. The company has launched this programme in late 2000.At the beginning they concentrated only on corporate’s, but latter on they decided to tap the retail market as the potential in this market is very high.
The project was carried out for e-macmillan to evaluate the consumers’ perception towards e-learning and to know the market potential of e-macmillan in the retail market and to give a marketing mix on the basis of the study.
The study was carried out by using a questionnaire method. For this purpose a simple questionnaire consisting of 5 questions was made. The questionnaire was made simple because of two reasons:
- The company requires a huge data
- The target group was working graduates who normally have very little time to spend.
A total of 1140 data were collected from Delhi and NCR region over a period of two months. The areas covered include South Delhi, Central Delhi, Noida and Gurgaon.
A large no 91.66% of the respondents feel that learning is important for their career growth.
On the acceptability of part 54.64% of the total sample size accepts partially. That is they have some apprehensions in their mind and they may or may not accept the concept e-learning depending upon the situation. The main reason for that is the attitude of the consumers towards e learning over the traditional class room coaching as many still prefers class room coaching. The other objective that is to know the market potential of e-Macmillan, a whooping 65% accepts the programme. This shows that in about 2 to 3 years from now the market will respond positively.
As far as the recommendations are concerned the emphasis should be in including more and more variety of courses like course on marketing and on international marketing.
The company should give importance on the promotional activities of the product as during the course of the project it was found out that only very few people knows about e-Macmillan and its offerings.
Even though the current market for online courses is on the slower side, it is expected that by 2006 India would be the hub of e-learning business as new and newer entrants will increase the competition, to face that competition the company has to be fully equipped. Currently the market is growing at a rate of 20%.
The Objectives of the Project Report:
Primary Objective:

The primary or the main objective of the study was to analyze the corporate people’s perception towards e-learning and to assess the market potential of e-macmillan in the individual or the retail market.
Secondary Objective:
The project helped in getting an inside view of the corporate Industry. It also has earned me an opportunity to interact with a lot of people and there by helping me in knowing their attitude and behaviour.

Number of Pages of Project Report:56
Package Includes: Project Report
Project Format: Document (.doc)

Table of Contents of Project Report:
1. Executive Summary
2. Overview of the Industry
- What is E-learning?
- Global Overview
- The Asian Market
- Growing Pains
- In the Classroom
- The Dollar Divide
- Corporate Vs. Academics
- Indian E-learning Scenario
- The Main Handicaps in the Indian E-learning Industry
- The Possible Approaches, Challenges, and Opportunities
- Industry and Corporate Sector
- School and Higher Education
- Rural Education and Adult Literacy
- Opportunity, Challenges, and Some Strategies
- The Future of E-learning in India

3. Company Profile: MacMillan Ltd
- History
- International Expansion
- MacMillan Today
- Present Ownership
- Subsidiaries of Macmillan Ltd.
- Macmillan India Information Processing Division
- Peninsula Production and Distribution Ltd
- Gill and Macmillan Distribution Services
- Macmillan Distribution Services Pvt. Ltd
- Von Holtzbrinck Publishing Services
- Important Dates in the History of the Company
- E-Macmillan
- Mission
- Projects of E-Macmillan
- Subscription Administration System Services
- Online Executive Development Programmes Of Macmillan
- Institutes with which Macmillan Has Collaborated

4. Swot Analysis
5. Competitors Analysis
6. Research Objectives
7. Research Methodology
8. Data Analysis
9. Findings
10. Recommendations
11. Scope and Limitations
12. Conclusion
13. Managerial Usefulness of the Project
14. Bibliography
15. Annexures
- Sample Questionnaire

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