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Drive Penetration through wholesale marketing (Methodology Followed by Nestle)

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FMCG companies have now realized that “India lives in its rural villages”. So much that rural marketing has become the latest marketing mantra of most FMCG majors. The lure of an untapped market has driven the marketers to chalk out bold new strategies for targeting the rural consumer in a big way.
Nestle also piled primarily on the urban consumers. After understanding the great potentiality rural India possess, Nestle is also experimenting in big way to bring the much needed volumes and help itself to bank upon the volume driven growth, in this severe competitive FMCG sector where the dispersion or market penetration plays a big role. So Nestle is eying on the market penetration and it is being targeted by devising different marketing strategies.
The rationale behind Nestle going for the market penetration is to acquire new consumer base by making the products available to the every interior of the country and increase its sales, to sustain growth. The company is having a marketing strategy to ‘drive penetration through wholesale marketing’. But is it a right marketing strategy? Or will it prove to be an expensive mistake? If they want to increase their penetration then how and where they should go for? These are the issues Nestle is facing today.
This project is a market research and it touches every aspect of the current wholesale marketing and predicament associated with it. It also juxtaposition that how penetration, can be possible through wholesale marketing, what is the cost of doing it and maintaining it. This project gives an insight into the every feasible aspect that is associated in “Driving penetration through wholesale marketing, for Nestle”.
The objectives of the project report:
- Profile of the wholesalers and their current level of penetration level, in the up country market.
- Profile of the customers who are coming to the wholesalers.
- What forces the semi-urban & rural customers to come to the wholesalers?
- Which different types of SKU are of the different product line is been purchased by different customers.
- The Demand and the current level of penetration, of different product line of Nestle.
- Market penetration of Nestlé’s competitors.

Number of Pages of Project Report:84
Package Includes: Project Report
Project Format: Document (.doc)

Table of Contents of Project Report:
1. Executive Summary
2. Industry Study (FMCG)
- History of FMCG
- Current Position
- Future Trends
3. A Word About Nestle
- Company History
- Nestle's Philosophy
4. Organization Structure
5. Financial Position of Nestle
6. Products of Nestle
7. Operations in India
8. Competitors of Nestle
9. Statement of Problem
10. Objective of the Project
11. Methodology
- Research Design & Plam (Data Sources, Areas & Instruments)
- General Observationsof the wholesale market of Jaipur and Jodhpur
- Reasons behind retailers taking goods from wholesalers of big city
- Problems concerned to whole selling
12. Facts and Findings of the Project
13. Recommendations for driving penetration through wholesale marketing
14. Recommendations & Suggestions
15. Limitations of the Project
16. References
17. Appendix
- Questionnaire

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