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Logistics plays an important role in todaýs business as it can provide competitive advantage to the companies especially in cost and time which belong to the most important factors for competitiveness. Due to turbulence in global markets each company faces uncertainties and unexpected changes that bring about risks that can strongly influence the success of their business. It is especially valid for the industrial enterprises that cover wide spectrum of activities beginning from material procurement to the servicing of supplied products. Successful risk management helps to gain decisive advantages over the competitors. Therefore it is important to understand the principles of risk and risk management and to implement it also into standard procedures in logistic.

It may be argued that the SC and its management is of highest importance in most industries. Due to the constant rise in product variety and shorter life cycles, it has been argued that there is no best fit of SC design because each product requires a specific SC strategy to achieve a competitive edge. Different types of research have been carried out on SCM and especially on the strategic level. There are a lot of existing theoretical frameworks which talk about how to make decisions according to SC strategy such as lean and agile or leagile SC. However as argued previously, there is no best fit SC strategy and there seems to be a lack of research on how decisions are affected by other factors. We might wonder if the fact of outsourcing logistics activities may affects the SC and be a factors influencing decision to design the SC and define its strategy.

Number of Pages of Synopsis: 9
Package Includes: Synopsis
Synopsis Format: Document (.doc)

Table of Contents of Project Report:
1. Introduction
2. Why the particular topic chosen
3. Contribution of the Project
4. Objectives of the Study
5. Scope of the Study
6. Methodology
7. Chapter Scheme

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