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Comparative Performance Measurement of Mutual Funds in India

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A Mutual Fund is a professionally managed Investment Company that combines the money of many Individuals and Invests This Pooled Money in a wide variety of different Securities.
It is by pooling the Money of Many Individuals that Mutual Funds are able to provide the Diversification and Money Management (Along with many other advantages) that were once Reserved only for the wealthy.

Professional Money Managers take this pool of money and invest it in a wide variety of stocks, Bonds, or other Securities depending on the Investment Objective, or Goal, of the Particular Fund. It Is The Investment Objective Of The Fund That Guides The Manager In Selecting The Various Securities For The Fund.

It Is The Investment Objective Of The Mutual Fund That Also Guides The Investor On Which Funds To Invest In. Since Different Investors Have Different Objectives, There Are A Number Of Different Kinds Of Mutual Funds, I.E., Some Mutual Funds May Provide Monthly Income While Others Seek Long-Term Capital Appreciation.

Number of Pages of Synopsis: 6
Package Includes: Synopsis
Synopsis Format: Document (.doc)

Table of Contents of Project Report:
1. Introduction
2. Need of the Study
3. Scope of the Study
4. Objectives of the Study
5. Research Methodology
6. Limitations
7. Chapter Scheme
8. Bibliography

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