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Assessment of impact of tangible market promotional schemes on product sale

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Sales promotion is a set of marketing tools designed to stimulate a consumer towards purchasing goods or services by providing an incentive to do so. The difference between sales promotion and advertising is that advertising offers a reason to purchase a good or a service whereas sales promotion offers a reason to purchase it now. A holistic definition by Rossiter and Percy describe sales promotion as a more direct form of persuasion, based frequently on external incentives rather than inherent product benefits, which is designed to stimulate immediate purchase and to move sales forward more rapidly than would otherwise occur. In practice this translates to the notion that sales promotion tries to trigger consumer purchase behavior by focusing on the premium instead of the product itself. The primary objective of sales promotion is to have a direct impact on buying behavior. Preferred effects vary from increasing short term sales, building long-term market share, getting consumers to try new products, obtain better visibility or rewarding loyal customers. The key to elements of a successful sales promotion are well defined objectives and tools, and a carefully designed sales promotion program that works together with the rest of the promotion mix elements and marketing communications.

Number of Pages of Synopsis: 7
Package Includes: Synopsis
Synopsis Format: Document (.doc)

Table of Contents of Project Report:
1. Introduction
2. Rationale of the Study
3. Need of the Study
4. Statement of the Study
5. Objectives of the Study
5. Scope of the Study
6. Research Methodology
7. Contribution from the Study
8. Limitations
9. Future Directions for future research
10. Chapter Scheme
11. References

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