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Broadband Study Of Evolving Emission Line Properties Of Galaxies

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Objectives of the Thesis
To describe how an efficient new technique to measure the strengths of emission lines in galaxies over redshift was developed to trace their star-forming properties using broadband photometry from the restframe ultraviolet to the near infrared.
To bridge the current gap in understanding between the very high redshift parameters of cosmological models and their consequences and their observable consequences for the earliest galaxies and progressively higher redshift observations, driven by instrumentation and galaxy modeling to reach the highest possible redshifts.
To understand how simulated galaxies and their star formation histories are converted into observed broadband fluxes using a set of spectral synthesis models and what parameters we can reliably expect to know from spectral fitting of multi-band photometry.

Number of Pages of Synopsis: 16
Package Includes: Synopsis
Project Format: Document (.doc)

Table of Contents of Project Report:
1. Introduction
Cosmic Star Formation History
Intermediate Redshifts the Peak and decline of Star Formation
Local Universe Resolved Stellar population Archaeology
Spectroscopic Surveys
Narrowband Surveys
Broadband Studies
Dust Absorption, UV Processing and emission line
2. Objectives of the Thesis
3. Conclusions|
4. Future Scope

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