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Tech communication in HR the use of whatsapp and various other forms of social networking

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The focus of a company on human resources seems to be one of the key tasks from a strategic management point of view and HR in turn plays an important role in all strategic decisions. Across the globe, managers of Human Resources ask for a strategic position of their department within the organization with an aim to get to the core of a problem How does one manage expectations, motivate and increase the performance of the organization. The importance of human potential for a company increases proportionally with the speed of changes which appear in the business area because human capital represents a basic qualitative parameter of an organization.
In a rapidly growing and fast paced economy, technology has been a boon in numerous aspects. The use of technology in the past few years has grown considerably and technology has and continues to play a pivotal role in enabling Human Resource organizations to move from personnel management to business enablement. The utilization of IT tools not only help to fulfill the companys defined goals but to optimize the work processes as well.
Tech communication in HR the use of whats app and various other forms of social networking.
Statement of the problem
Advancements in information technology like the widespread use of social media platforms have affected businesses across all industries and dramatically changed the way human resource professionals do their jobs. Human resource management involves more than just planning a good benefits package for company employees; human resource managers are responsible for knowing and following laws regarding discrimination and privacy protection. These professionals are also expected to help build the companys brand and reputation using their industry knowledge and expert interpersonal skills. Here are some of the ways human resource professionals are challenged and significantly thrive by online conversations using social platforms.

Number of Pages of Project Report: 69
Package Includes: Project Report
Project Format: Document (.doc)

Table of Contents of Project Report:
Chapter 1: General Introduction
Chapter 2: Introduction To The Problem
Title Of The Project
Statement Of The Problem
Screening And Hiring Applicants
Training And Developing Talent
Announcing Corporate Changes
Obtaining Feedback About The Company
Purpose Of The Study
Objectives Of The Study
Scope Of The Study
Social Media Changes Human Resources In 3 Fundamental Areas:
Chapter 3: Profile Of The Company
Chapter 4: Theoretical Perspective
Chapter 5: Methodology
Sampling Method
Sources Of Data
Primary Data Collection
Secondary Data Collection
Tools For Data Collection
Survey Method
Field Work
Sample Design For The Study
Sampling Method
Sample Size
Sample Unit
Chapter 6: Data Analysis And Interpretation
Chapter 7: Findings
Chapter 8: Limitations
Chapter 9: Conclusions And Recommendations


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