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Various Areas for E-Commerce Applications

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Ecommerce is also called electronic commerce that is the absolute set of instructions or procedures that carry business or commercial activities over the internet and provide aid in the processing of commercial transactions.

It is the new type of business world where you can make use of different technologies like electronic data interchange or transfer document electronically. Electronic transactions usually engage the transfer of rights or ownership to use a service or good. Moreover, it can be divided into websites or virtual storefronts with online catalogs. Recent studies show that some businesses that get their patrons via physical avenues like wholesaler stores are viewing that these expenses are increasing in comparison to the ratio of the revenue.

In such changing scenario, ecommerce is the new way of service or products promotion and connect clients to business owners. People always like to get pleasure from such things that can save their money and time. With mobile technology, they do not want to waste time in visiting the store for services or products purchase. At that time, ecommerce is the right source to provide the most reliable solution. These online stores have brought revolution in the internet platform that gives a prospect to explore new market in the world. Selling and buying products or services have changed the business. Now you can buy sell or purchase products on website, accepts payments through different payment gateways.

Online business is the effective part of your sales. It is the cheap medium for getting revenue and offers the perfect mode of business. Moreover, this technology has helped people to buy service or products and can get virtual exposure of their services in just one click. Many business experts think that ecommerce solution will boost in the future. These days, many banks are offering user friendliness features to the client to access the bank accounts online. When we have a look at the advancing computer technologies, it has made the computer network the essential part of the financial infrastructure. In the developing countries, the technology of ecommerce is in emerging stage, but the projections will originate the major difference in the coming year. First, internet service provider will need to facilitate e-commerce growth in these countries. It will increase e-commerce growth reaching to billion dollars in the year. These have been a major rise in the figure of different business firms using and accepting this technology. With the coming of stock exchange business online, this technology has gained much popularity in business. With more advancement in delivery and payment, the system is generating efficient output for people.

Creation of global online exchange of goods has provided people the chance of purchasing goods that they are unable to get. You can now buy product from any online store just in one click. It is the best opportunity for people to find such products that they may get at good price. Even some people, who need things immediately, can get benefit from this overnight shopping facility. Many people are getting benefit from the availability of electronic transactions that make them able to pay instantly without visiting to their local stores.

The Aim of the study is to understand the various areas of the E-commerce applications.

Number of Pages of Project Report: 77
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Table of Contents of Project Report:
Executive Summary
Chapter 1: Introduction
Chapter 2: Theoretical Framework
Chapter 3: Literature Review
Chapter 4: Research Methodology
Sample Size
Data Source
Chapter 5: Data Analysis

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