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A Study on Corporate Governance Practices in Selected Companies in Bangalore

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Corporate governance is concerned with ways of bringing the interests of investors and manager into line and ensuring that firms are run for the benefit of investors”. “Corporate governance includes ‘the structures, processes, cultures and systems that engender the successful operation of organizations”.

Corporate governance has, of course, been an important field of query within the finance discipline for decades. Researchers in finance have actively investigated the topic for at least a quarter century and the father of modern economics, Adam Smith, himself had recognized the problem over two centuries ago. There have been debates about whether the Anglo-Saxon market-model of corporate governance is better than the bank based models of Germany and Japan. However, the differences in the quality of corporate governance in these developed countries fade in comparison to the chasm that exists starting from the seminal “agency problem” paper of Jensen and Meckling (1976). Between corporate governance standards and practices in these countries as a group and those in the developing world.

Corporate governance has been a central issue in developing countries long before the recent spate of corporate scandals in advanced economies made headlines. Indeed corporate governance and economic development are intrinsically linked. Effective corporate governance systems promote the development of strong financial systems –irrespective of whether they are largely bank-based or market-based – which, in turn, have an unmistakably positive effect on economic growth and poverty reduction.
Objectives of the study:
 To study the corporate governance and its significance
 To study the awareness level of corporate governance among the companies
 To study the corporate governance practices in selected companies, around 10 companies
 To Study the investors perception on the company having good governance practices.
 To understand the key elements of corporate governance and its importance to the international economy.
 To suggest strategies for improvement

Number of Pages of Project Report: 85
Package Includes: Synopsis + Project Report
Project Format: Document (.doc)

Table of Contents of Project Report:
Executive Summary     
Chapter 1: Introduction
Chapter 2: Theoretical Background      
Concept And Objectives         
Prerequisites And Constituents 
Corporate Governance In India
Corporate Governance Companies Bill
Corporate Governance In The Uk And Ireland 
Corporate Governance Regime In India           
Comparison Between The Regimes In The Uk And India         
Chapter 3: Literature Review   
Chapter 4: Research Methodology       
Statement Of The Problem       
Objective Of The Study           
Scope Of The Study    
Primary Data   
Secondary Data           
Sample Size     
Sampling Method        
Limitations Of The Study         
Chapter 5: Data Analysis         
Register Of Interests    
Fraud And Corruption And Whistleblowing Policy       
Appendix : Questionnaire         

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