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Level of Deployment of IT in SMB Segment in India

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The project aims to understand the level of deployment of Information technology in small and medium enterprise in India. This project came into being by interacting with the clients. This project was completed by knowing about the IT potential these companies had. This will also accomplish us to know about the future trends in IT and what a company should do so as to increase their profits. This information about the IT infrastructure was collected through telecalling in the various companies according to the sample given to me.
For this project to completed and successful one should have complete knowledge about the various IT terminologies like hardware, software, enterprise storage environment, and secondary storage environment, and operating system environment, and middleware, UPS and telecom environment in various companies and moreover they should be aware of how they have to approach these companies through calling. As most of the companies donít tell such details, as this is against their company policy. For this data was given by the company and they have collected the data from primary sources like fundoo data, kompass, paid sites, associated industries and nasscom.
The project was named as BLACK PEARL because there are so many pearls, but black pearl is the pearl which is rarest of all the pearls. So with this it is said about the project that this project is the rarest of all and the information contained in this project will be of great importance to the companies and to prognosys also. This will convey us the about the buying patterns of IT infrastructure in various verticals such as manufacturing, software services, auto ancillaries, hospitality sector, educational institutes, financial services etc.

Number of Pages of Project Report: 153
Package Includes: Project Report
Project Format: Document (.doc)

Table of Contents of Project Report:
- Executive summary
Chapter 1: Introduction
1.1 Company Overview
- Vision & Mission
- Research Infrastructure
- Services
- Clients
1.2 Project Overview
- Scope of the Project
- Summer Intern Profile
1.3 Literature Overview
1.4 Approach to the Problem
- Objectives
- Significance
Scope of the study

Chapter 2: Research Methodology
2.1 Research Design / Methodology
2.2 Type of research design
2.3 Information Needs Ė Data Types
- Secondary Data
- Primary Data
2.4 Research Process
2.5 Questionnaire development and pre testing
2.6 Sampling technique
2.7 Data collection and verification process
2.8 Limitations and Constraints

Chapter 3: Findings and Analysis
3.1..Revenue wise
a) Findings
b) Analysis
3.2.. Vertical wise
a) Findings
b) Analysis

Chapter 4: Conclusions and Recommendations
4.1 Brief the summery of the study
4.2 Recommendation

Chapter 5: Bibliography

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