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Automation on Construction Management System in Reliance Construction Company

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Practical knowledge in an important suffix to theoretical knowledge. One can not rely merely upon the theoretical knowledge classroom lectures make the fundamental concepts of management clear. They also facilitate the learning of practical things. However, class lectures must be correlated with the practical training situations. It is in this sense that practical training in a company has a significant role to play in the subject of business management. To develop healthy managerial and administrative skills in potential management it is necessary that they combine their classroom learning with the knowledge of real business environment.
Th training helped to get a practical insight into the business environment. The objective of this study is to under stand the working of a large integrated CONSTRUCTION SYSTEM. Construction is the primary step in the establishment of economic activity. It is capital intensive and the out lays are generally large. Also the process follows a predetermined and logical sequence which is a combination of several interconnected activities.
Reliance Construction is a creation of Bhargva & Bhargva, two brothers with constructure visions, committed and determined they preserved to transform a small agency house which established in 1967.
As group of companies endowed with a rich heritage, contemporary professionalism and a promising future. Reliance construction has evolved through history into a modern construction major, learning, expanding, and diversifying over the year.
Reliance construction phenomenal growth and success stems form the fact that all its products one geared to meet the core needs of the people. The groups operations marketing divisions avast network of sales and service. Outlets in the country. They all satisfy demands which by their very nature are perennial and in tall to the nations continued growth.

Number of Pages of Project Report: 74
Package Includes: Project Report
Project Format: Document (.doc)

Table of Contents of Project Report:
1. Company Profile
1.1 History
1.2 Collaboration/Establishment
1.3 Symbol
1.4 Objectives
1.5 Responsibilities Includes
1.6 Customers Satisfaction
1.7 Employee Satisfaction
1.8 Management Structure
1.8.1 Group Structure
1.8.2 Organisation Structure

2. Introduction
2.1 Role of Construction
2.2 Nature of Construction Activity
2.3 Present Trends in Construction Management
2.4 Network and Construction
2.5 Introduction to the problems
2.5.1 Delay in calculation & retrial of information
2.5.2 Day to day working
2.5.3 Lot of Paper work
2.5.4 Chance of Ruors

3. Theoretical Perspective
3.1 Introduction
3.2 Interdependencies of Activities
3.2.1 Project Progress
3.2.2 Uncertainties
3.2.3 Mile Store Charts
3.3 PERT& CPM Networks
3.4 Forward and Back Work Planning
3.4.1 Time estimates
3.5 Resource Allocation
3.6 Histograms
3.7 Inter Relationship of Quantities and Milestones

4 Methodology
4.1 Methodology
4.2 Project Plan Schedule and Implementation
4.2.1 Requirement Analysis
4.2.2 System Study
4.2.3 System Design
4.2.4 System Development
4.2.5 System testing and debugging
4.2.6 System Implementation
4.2.7 Precautions In Implementation
4.2.8 Security and Control are Implementation
4.2.9 Post Implementation and Review

5. Description of Present System
5.1 Monitoring Schedules
5.2 Periodic Review of schedules
5.3 Creating a Planning Cell
5.4 Cost and Invoicing
5.4.1 Types of Costs
5.4.2 Cost Statements and Reports
5.4.3 Cost Monitoring

6. Implementation of System
6.1 How the System Operates
6.2 Details of various Modules of the System
6.3 Introduction of RDBMS
6.3.1 CODD’s Rules
6.3.2 Concept of Normalization
6.4 Data Dictionary
6.5 Data Flow Diagram
6.6 List of PRS files and Tables used in the system
6.7 Output Prints of Programme
6.8 Hardware and Software Environment
6.8.1 Hardware Environment
6.8.2 Software Environment
6.9 Exception Handling
6.9.1 Data Security in Case of System Abortion
6.9.2 Data Security in Case of Hand Disk Failures
6.9.3 Archiving of Data
6.10 Client Server Computing
6.9.1 Evolution of client-sever model
6.10.2 Client Server Architecture
6.10.3 Benefits of client Server Model
6.10.4 Pitfalls of client-Server Model

7 Critical Analysis of System
7.1 Problem in Implementation
7.2 Problem Short Comings in the System

8. Drawbacks and Limitations
8.1 Drawbacks
8.2 Limitations
9 Summary and Conclusion
9.1 Summary of Recommendations
9.2 Conclusion
10. References /Bibliography
11. Appendices / Annexures
a. Data Dictionary
b. Data Flow Diagrams

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