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Export Potential of Liquor Industry in United Kingdom

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The Liquor Industry Occupies place of prominence in the Indian economy. Particularly keeping in view the revenue earned by the government from this sector. The state government map up as much as Rs. 20,000 crores every year from excise duty on liquor. India has a considerable domestic market for liquor. The liquor penetration in the country is round 12%. The Indian – made foreign liquor (IMFL) industry stands at around Rs. 5000 crore. For the year ended 2002, the total market was around 65 million cases.
However, quite contrastly the export scenario of the Indian Liquor is really grim. The export market of IMFL in not very good since IMFL is molasses-based and not grain based. Had India produced whisky according to the taste and preferences of the consumers of the rest of the world rather than producing it from cheap, abundant molasses, India would have been in better position then it is now. It is not even given the status of whisky, rather it is called “Indian spirit”. Not surprisingly, the rest of the world refuses to call this stuff whisky, let alone drink it.
As far as the world market for liquor industry is concerned, UK is one of the market which has very strong potential. With the emergence of the single market, it has the largest consumer base of around 370 million.
So Indian exporters can tap this potential provided they can market their products at par with the American or Canadian products. In this project, we have tried to analyze the alcoholic beverage market of major UK find out the potential of these markets for the Indian exporters.

Number of Pages of Project Report:57
Package Includes: Project Report
Project Format: Document (.doc)

Table of Contents of Project Report:
1. Executive Summary
2. Indian Scenario of Liquor Market
3. Country Profile of United Kingdom
- Economy Overview
4. Market overview of Liquor Industry in UK
- Key factors shaping market growth
- Pricing
- Labelling
- Trade barriers
- Special import / export requirements and certifications
- Standards
- Market Logistics
- Trade In Alcoholic Beverages (Million U.S. $)
- Production Of Beer Made From Malt
5. Export Trends
- Indian export by Countries
- Major World Markets
- Liquor Majors Rework Marketing, Brand Promotion Strategies
7. Recommendations
8. Analysis on the Liquor Market
9. Conclusion
10. Limitations

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