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Comprehensive study of Customer Relationship Management in Consumer Durable Industry, Case Study of Three Consumer Durable Companies

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CRM Customer Relationship Management is definitely an integrated method of determining, acquiring, keeping and delighting clients by allowing businesses to manage and organize customer interactions across multiple channels, departments, lines of business, and geographies. CRM helps businesses increase the worth of every customer interaction and generate exceptional company overall performance. The conditions for conducting business are changing rapidly. Consumptions designs are very different in customer durable business, there are new technologies for disbursing and accumulating info, and the competition available on the market is growing domestically in addition to globally. To ensure that consumer long lasting businesses to outlive and also be they have to find brand new methods for thinking, that has resulted in the introduction of new methods which has surfaced in CRM and marketing research. The objective of this research would be to bring understanding and much deeper understanding in to the objectives, strategies and also the expected advantages of CRM initiatives by Customer Durable Companies. To conduct this research, the next study concerns will be researched:
Just how can the objectives and techniques of CRM initiatives by Consumer Durable Segment be described

How can the expected benefits of CRM initiatives by Customer Durable Segment be described

The primary insight from the study should concentrate on the main goals and advantages of CRM initiatives by these organizations which will be higher success, cost reduction, client preservation as well as loyalty and positive effect on the general performance from the organization over time.

Number of Pages of Project Report: 58
Package Includes: Project Report
Project Format: Document (.doc)

Table of Contents of Project Report:
Theoretical Background
Perceived Privacy Risk
Privacy Risk and the Internet
Perceived Privacy Risk and Willingness to Provide Personal Information Online
Perceived Risk and Willingness to Purchase
Isolating Perceived Privacy Risk
Alleviating Perceived Privacy Risk
The Risk-Trust Relationship
Privacy Policy Disclosure and Online Trust
The Effects of Brand Strength
The Interaction between Privacy Policy Disclosure and Brand Strength
A Conceptual Model
Brand equity in service industry
Consumers buying behaviour
Literature Review
Research Methodology
Objectives of the study
Methodology of the study


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