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Soft Skills Training to Sales people (Methodology Followed By HCL)

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Introduction: The sales people are the most important human element in any organisation. The reason being that they only lead to generation of revenues and profits thereof. So their training and development becomes altogether more important in the context of growth of any organisation. Its not necessary that always the Training Centres look after these needs but even the HR people can take care of it. They have to look after not only in the development of soft skills but also maintain these skills throughout their tenure.
SOFT SKILLS are the non-technical skills, abilities & traits that employees need to function in a specific employment environment. They include mainly four sets of competencies problem solving & other cognitive skills, oral communication skills, personal qualities and work ethic, interpersonal skills, teamwork skills etc.
The objectives of the project report:
(1) To study the process and methods of training of sales staff followed in HCL on a critical basis.
(2) To analyze the various methods used to impart training to the employees in some other organizations too in order to find out the recent trends so that the HR department of HCL can use them.
(3) To have an in depth study of various soft skills like motivation, leadership, communication etc. to be developed in the sales people.

Number of Pages of Project Report: 60
Package Includes: Synopsis/Project Proposal + Project Report
Project Format: Document (.doc)

Table of Contents of Project Report:
1. Executive Summary
2. Company Profile of HCL Infosystems Ltd.
- The Highlights of the HCL Saga
- Vision Statement
- Mission Statement
- Quality Policy
- HCL Objectives
-- Our Management Objectives
-- Our People Objectives
- Core Values
- Products & Solutions
- Alliances & Partnership
- Training & Development @HCL
- Benefits of Training
- Methods of Training
-- On-The-Job Training
-- Vestibule Training
-- Off-The-Job Training
- Objectives

3. Research Methodology

4. Soft Skills Training
- Competencies Required In A Successful Sales Person
- There Are 7cs Of Effective Communication
- Smart Objectives

5. Data Analysis

6. Conclusions and Suggestions

7. References

8. Questionnaire

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