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Employee Orientation in the United Breweries (UB) Group

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Introduction: Orientation is the task of introducing the new employee to the organization and its policies/ procedures and rules.
Corporate Human Resources provides employee orientation training to all new and existing employees. This training familiarizes employees with administrative rules, employee programs and benefits, etc.; and explains the product, product requirements, and the quality system. At a minimum, the product and quality system training comprises:
1) Product orientation with emphasis on critical quality characteristics;
2) Presentation of the company's quality system;
3) Discussion of quality policy; and
4) Explanation of how individual employees can contribute to maintaining and improving the quality system.
Participation in the employee orientation training is recorded. This section is mentioned here for information only. Albion Government Services (Wyoming DFS Project) is therefore regarded as a department and does not use the Corporate General Orientation training rules.
Objective One: To study employee’s orientation and to make the new employees aware about company’s history, structure, brands, portfolio etc, so that we can make him familiar with the environment.
Objective Two: The purpose of this study is to evaluate the effectiveness of this new employee orientation.

Number of Pages of Project Report: 95
Package Includes: Project Report
Project Format: Document (.doc)

Table of Contents of Project Report:
1. Acknowledgement
2. Preface
3. Executive Summary
4. Introduction to the Industry
- Introduction
- Potential
- Struggling MNCs
- Indian MNCs
- How UB faces the competition?
- The Alcohol Situation in India
- Alcohol Situation in India among youth
- Indian liquor brands
- Policy measures in India
- Efforts to counteract the problem

2. Introduction to the Company
- Mission statement
- The UB Group
- Board of Directors
- Company Structure
- History
- The story: Mr. Vittal Mallya
- Timelines
- The Brand
- Product Portfolio Whisky
- Product Portfolio Brandy
- Product Portfolio Rum
- Product Portfolio Vodka
- Employee Orientation in UB Group
- Purposes of Orientation
- Induction Flow Chart of the Company
- Topics that should be included in the induction process of the company
- Human Resource Guide in UB Group
- Policy on Company Leased Accomodation
- PF of the UB Group
- Checklist of Employee Induction in UB Group

3. Research Methodology
a. Title
i. Title Justification
b. Objective
i. Objective One
ii. Objective Two
c. Scope of the Study
d. Significance of the study
i. Significance of Industry
ii. Significance of the Researcher
e. Sampling Methodology
f. Limitations
4. Facts & Findings
5. Data Analysis and Interpretation
6. Recommendations
7. Conclusion
8. Bibliography
9. Annexure
a. Questionnaire

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