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To Identify New Approaches To Manage The Attrition Rate In Wipro Technologies

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Attrition is a reduction in the number of employees through retirement, resignation, reassignment, transfer or means other than layoffs. The growing and prosperous Information Technology (IT) industry provides multiple job opportunities for the software professionals. Consequently, a large number of people switch from one organization to the other. The National Association of Software and Service companies (NASSCOM, 2010), predicts that about 2 million new jobs would be created in India by the year 2012. Thus it is evident that, a large number of vacancies would be created because of the high rate of attrition as well as the new opportunities created by the evolving job market. Thus maintaining the supply and demand of professionals in equilibrium would become an important task for HR managers in the near future. Thus it is important to recognize and analyze the primary factors that cause attrition in manpower due to “job hopping”. By a critical analysis of these factors, the Human Resource Management (HRM) could then amend the existing policies and procedures to ensure the supply and demand equilibrium in the future. Not many studies were undertaken in the past in order to assess and acknowledge the exactitude of the reasons for attrition in the manpower in the IT industry.
Often it is necessary to consider other variables as well, in order to account for factors other than those related to familiarity or the length of service. (Biswas and Adhikari, 1992) studied the manpower attrition, which considers both quantitative and qualitative variables. Such a combination is likely to give a realistic prediction of the manpower attrition.
The study is based on the whole IT industry but taking into account the conditions at Wipro, it can be used by the company to improve its recruitment policy with special emphasis on lowering the attrition rate and hence improve the overall growth of the company. Although the development of motivation model to tackle the problem of attrition in the IT sector has inputs from a variety of sources including primary and secondary sources, the study is confined to the data collected from the national capital region of India. Moreover, only selected facets of job characteristics have been considered for the study. There are many which can be included in order to assess employee motivation. Therefore the scope of the study is limited to the geographical location of the sample size and also to the selected dimensions of personal characteristics and employee motivation.

Number of Pages of Project Report: 126
Package Includes: Synopsis/Project Proposal + Project Report
Project Format: Document (.doc)

Table of Contents of Project Report:
Chapter 1: Introduction
1.1 Introduction of the topic
1.2 Scope of the study
1.3 Objectives of the study
1.4 Executive Summary
1.5 Hypothesis
1.6 Review of Literature

Chapter 2: Industry Profile

Chapter 3: Company Profile
3.1 History of Wipro
3.2 Spirit of Wipro
3.3 Innovation of Wipro
3.4 Alliances
3.5 Wipro Group Companies
3.6 Sustainability
3.7 Services by Wipro
3.8 Products

Chapter 4: Attrition
4.1 Meaning
4.2 Trends in attrition in IT sector
4.3 Attrition at Wipro
4.4 Tackling attrition head – on
4.5 Managing attrition rate in Wipro
4.6 HR Initiatives
4.7 Steps taken for Employee Welfare

Chapter 5: Research Methodology

Chapter 6: Findings and Analysis

Chapter 7: Limitations of the study

Chapter 8: Recommendation/Suggestions

Chapter 9: Conclusions

Chapter 10: Annexure
10.1 Questionnaire
10.2 Bibliography
10.3 Statistical Figures

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