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To Study the organization culture with respect to Octapace Profile (Methodology Followed by KPTL, Kalpataru Power Transmission Limited)

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A number of organizational culture frameworks have come into existence in recent years. Organizations can use these to do a diagnosis of the existing culture and preparing action plans to change the culture if required. One such cultural framework is provided by Udai Pareek, which helps in assessing the organizational culture. It relies on ethos, deriving out of core values, which forms culture. This project intends to find that how far OCTAPACE ethos is a part of the organizational culture. The importance of this lies is the fact that culture reflecting OCTAPACE can be viewed as an approach to supplement organizational strategy and to develop the capabilities of the organizational members for achieving success. To understand the dimensions of culture and ethos, the study has been conducted at KPTL and data was collected from different levels in the organization. Instrument developed by Udai Pareek, has been used to collect data.

KPTL plays a significant role in the all-round development of the country. It needs to operate at the maximum level of efficiency and productivity. Productivity improvement in its working gives a fillip to national economy and prosperity for the entire nation. In order to introduce the spirit of productivity and efficiency of the workforce, there is a need to develop a new work ethic as well as corporate culture. Culture of any company heavily relies on the ethos of the organization; values which are practiced and shared by the organizational members.

The organizational culture plays a very significant role in making organizations get the best out of themselves. Culture provides the energy needed to function well by ensuring as it were a proper circulation of blood through all the organs.
The Corporate culture is one that results from the belief of the top management initially and subsequently from the HRD systems and practices.
Organizational culture shapes the values and beliefs of the members. Organization culture is defined as shared managerial beliefs and assumptions about employee nature and behavior. There is a direct link between the concepts of culture and organizational behavior. Thus it is rational and logical to say that culture with its different dimensions has a significant influence on the organizations performance. Organizational culture is concerned with how employees perceive the characteristics of an organization's culture, not with whether or not they like them. That is, it is a descriptive term. It also represents a common perception held by the organization's member. Culture plays an important role in shaping any organization. It evolves with the business perspective, internally and externally.
Objectives of the Study:
1. To determine the characteristics of different groups of people within organisation
2. To identify and measure the perceived organisa­tional culture and its various dimensions
To study how the different groups (executives and non-executives) of the organisation perceive its culture
To identify the level of the OCTAPACE in the organisation
To assess to use of ‘OCTAPACE’ within an organisation
To establish an OCTAPACE culture that maximizes production system effectiveness

Number of Pages of Project Report: 106
Package Includes: Synopsis/Project Proposal + Project Report
Project Format: Document (.doc)

Table of Contents of Project Report:
Chapter 1: Introduction
1.1. Meaning of Project
1.2. Preface
1.3. Executive Summary
1.4. Objectives of the Study
1.5. Rationale

Chapter 2: Company Profile
2.1. Introduction to the Company
2.2. Company Profile
2.3. Organogram
2.4. Awards and Recognition
2.5. Power
2.6. Corporate Social Responsibility
2.7. Kalpataru Power Transmission-USA
2.8. Milestone

Chapter 3: Octapace
3.1 Introduction to Octapace
3.2 Organisation Culture – Meaning
3.3 Types of Organisation Culture
3.4 Importance of Organisation Culture
3.5 Understanding the culture of your organisation
3.6 Factors influencing the culture of the organisation
3.7 Changing the organisational culture
3.8 Adjusting to change the organisation culture
3.9 Role of employees in organisation culture
3.10 Role of communication and relationship for a healthy organisation culture
3.11 Setbacks of organisation culture
3.12 Open door policy
3.13 Edgar Schein Model
3.14 Robert A Cooke Model
3.15 Hofstede Model
1.16 Charles Handy Model

Chapter 4: Hypothesis

Chapter 5: Research Methodology

Chapter 6: Data Interpretation

Chapter 7: Findings

Chapter 8: Suggestions

Chapter 9: Conclusion

Chapter 10: Annexures
10.1 Bibliography
10.2 Questionnaire

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