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Performance Appraisal System in Telecommunication Consultants India Ltd.

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A performance appraisal has been defined as any personnel decision that affects the status of employee regarding their retention, termination, promotion, transfer, salary increase or decrease, or admission into a training program.
Performance appraisal is a systematic evaluation of present and potential capabilities of personnel and employees by their superiors, or a professional from outside. It is a process of estimating or judging the value, excellent qualities or status of a person or a thing. It is a process of collecting, analyzing, and evaluating data relative to job behavior and results of individuals. The appraisal system is organized on the principle of goals and management by objectives. Management decisions on performance utilize several integrated inputs: goals and plans, job evaluation, performance evaluation, and individual history.
Performance appraisal can be either formal or informal. Formal system is used for schedule regular sessions in which an employee’s performance is discussed. Informal appraisals are unplanned, often just chance statements made in passing about an employee’s performance. Most organizations use a formal appraisal system. Some organization use more than one appraisal system for different types of employees or for different appraisal purposes. Organizations need to measure employees performance to determine whether acceptable standards of performance are being maintained. The six primary criteria on which the value of performance may be assessed are: quality, quantity, timeliness, cost effectiveness, need for supervision, and interpersonal impact. The trend nowadays is in the direction of attempting to measure what the man does rather than what he is- to measure what is the output rather than what is the input. The observations and understanding of the performance appraisal process helped reduce a monumental task into something much more manageable.
Objectives of the Study:
- To study the system of Performance Appraisal in TCIL.
- To study the efficacy and suggest beneficial changes, if needed, to make Performance Appraisal system more effective

Number of Pages of Project Report: 90
Package Includes: Project Report
Project Format: Document (.doc)

Table of Contents of Project Report:
1. Preface
2. Objectives of the Study
3. Research Methodology
4. Company Profile
- Global Excellence in Telecom
- Global Presence
- Operation in India
- Performance Highlights
- Forging Ahead

5. Performance Appraisal
- Importance of Performance Appraisal
- Objectives of Performance Appraisal
- Types of Performance Appraisal
- Methods of Performance Appraisal
- Benefits
- Errors in Performance Appraisal
- Approached to Performance Appraisals
- The Performance Appraisal Process
- Why Performance Appraisal often fails
- Ways to ensure smooth Performance Appraisals

6. Executive Performance Appraisal system in TCIL
7. Analysis and Findings
8. Conclusion and Recommendations
9. Bibliography
10. Annexure
- Questionnaire

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