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Contribution of Human Resource Development towards Organizational Success in Wipro (BPO)

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The evidence is too compelling to ignore. Effective subsystems of Human Resource Development are substantially contributing towards Organization success.
This endeavor seeks to analytically understand the contribution of Human Resource Development towards Organization Success in Wipro Spectramind. The scope of the project is confined to the Operations departments. The sample size taken is of 30 using Simple Random Sampling. Exploratory research has been conducted to find the impact of subsystems of Human resource development on the organizational success.
Success according to Wipro Spectramind has a wide spectrum from – Revenue, Internal Processes, Human Growth and Development, People Perception, Customer satisfaction and Profile of the people. Training which is based on functional levels varies in its kind from batch training to ethics training. Wipro Spectramind adopts innovative development practices like Wings within and providing clear career path for employees to steer ahead in the corporate ladder. Post shift and pre shift huddling is practiced to provide a clear feedback on the day’s job thereby making feedbacks regular and effective. Skip level and best practices feedback bring in more transparency and clearly depicting the open culture prevailing. The culture is more dynamic, evolving and in tuned with the expectations of the younger generations whose population dominates the BPO sector. It is highly People centric blending team orientation with an aggressive outlook and result orientation. 360 degree performance appraisal adopted with frequent call barging associated with highly correlated reward system like feather in the cap, Thanks a zillion, etc., highly motivates employees. Wipro can rechristen the designation name of its employees to boost their ego and provide perfect guidance in career development and develop innovative HR practices to maintain the competitive advantage. Wipro Spectramind can be a clear case of successful organizations with more focus on its people practices and be the market leader in a industry where the attrition rate is very high.
The scope of the project is confined to the Operations departments
- Majority of the employees is in the operations – BPO industry completely depends on operation personnel
- The Operations gains very high importance against other departments owing to the unique nature of the BPO industry
- Kinds of sub systems that are under study will be best reflected by the operations personnel.

Number of Pages of Project Report: 84
Package Includes: Project Report
Project Format: Document (.doc)

Table of Contents of Project Report:
1. Executive Summary
2. Introduction
3. Aim of the Study
4. Theoretical Overview
5. Hypothesis
6. Profile of The Organization
7. Methodology
8. Observations and Findings
9. Conclusions
10. Recommendations
11. Limitations
12. Bibliography
13. Annexures

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