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Performance Appraisal System of Taneja Toners Pvt. Ltd.

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The photocopier sector in India has come a full circle from being an open competitive market to nationalization and back to a liberalized market again. Tracing the developments in the sector reveals the 360 degree turn witnessed over a period of almost two centuries. With such a large population and the untapped market area of this population, it happens to be very big opportunity in India. Today it stands as a business growing at the rate of 15-20 per cent annually.
The objective of this study is to find the preferences of the products of TANEJA TONERS among the wide range available in the industry. The use of new distribution technique and IT tools has increased the scope of industry in the longer run and TANEJA TONERS is using it in a very well manner.
There were some hindrances in making the project at the initial stage, but valuable guidance from my internal guide made it easy for me to finish up the project in a precise and goal – oriented manner.
The objective of this project is to assist TANEJA TONERS in enhancing the performance of the employees of the Company. To successfully continue its operations, it needs to undergo changes to get new business and to get the persons motivated in performing their job. Moreover it is such a growing sector that needs full potential and enthusiasm in the members.
This was achieved through a three–pronged effort .The very first was data collection from the different source like (Primary source ,Secondary source) , the second was by using Research approach /design ,and third one was by using research tools like (Questionnaires).
Objectives of the Study:
1. To study the existing Performance Appraisal System of Taneja Toner Pvt. Ltd..
2. To identify shortcomings/bottlenecks in the present system.
3. To take opinion of appraisee about existing Performance Appraisal System.
4. To prepare a Performance Appraisal System free from above shortcomings identified above.
5. To trace the feasibility of quarterly appraisal system.
6. In sum objective of the study is to know the effectiveness of the present PA system, and If the appraisee is dissatisfied then finding out the viability of another model plan which can strengthen the link between PA & motivation level of the technician.

Number of Pages of Project Report:59
Package Includes: Project Report
Project Format: Document (.doc)

Table of Contents of Project Report:
1. Introduction To The Industry
2. Introduction To The Company
3. Research Methodology
- Title Justification
- Objective
- Significance Of The Study
- Research Design & Sampling Methodology
- Limitation
4. Facts & Findings
5. Interpretation
6. Recommendation
7. Conclusion
8. Bibliography
9. Annexure
- Questionnaire

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