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Human Resource Information System-Providing Seamless Solutions Across Companies

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The objective of the undertaken study was to analyze HRIS as a solution provider in various organizations & for this purpose the sample included some of the leader organizations of their respective industries. The sample included Eicher Goodearth limited, Hero Honda, Luxor International & lastly, Moser Baer.

HUMAN RESOURCE INFORMATION SYSTEM at Eicher Goodearth limited supports critical HR functions like Performance Appraisal, Training, Personnel Management etc. But, it does not support two important functions like Compensation & Recruitment. But, the firm realizes the need of incorporating other functions like Time & Attendance system, Succession planning, Career Development & Payroll & its implementation is being considered by the top management.

HUMAN RESOURCE MANAGEMENT INFORMATION SYSTEM which has been implemented at Hero Honda, supports functions like Employee self service, Payroll, Personnel administration, Time management & Organization Management. The SAP team plays an important role in handling all the data & security issues relating to the HRIS package at Hero Honda. Thus, the onus for smooth functioning of HRIS lies on the SAP team members shoulders. Since, this HRIS helps the company in performing all the important HR functions, it has been highly successful in the organization.

HUMAN RESOURCE MANAGEMENT SYSTEM at Luxor International Ltd. has also been successful, the fruits of which have been made available through high level customization in the Payroll Module used by the organization. Other areas covered are Time Office system & Compensation. Even though this system has not been fully implemented, the qualitative benefits are already perceptible.

HRIS at Moser Baer handles Training, Payroll, Time & attendance system etc. The benefits derived from the performance of these functions through the HRIS package are numerous but the other aspect of the ERP cannot be implemented at Moser Baer because of the nature of business the firm is into. It is a Manufacturing company, which encompasses many temporary workers who may not be even on regular payrolls of the company & thus, areas like Succession Planning, Career Development, Recruitment etc. hold no meaning here.

Number of Pages of Project Report: 83
Package Includes: Project Report
Project Format: Document (.doc)

Table of Contents of Project Report:
1. Literature Review
2. Rationale of the Study
3. Company Profiles
4. Research Methodology
5. Analysis of Results and Discussion
6. Limitations & Suggestions of the Study
7. Conclusion
8. Bibliography
9. Questionnaire

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