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Organisational Structure of Infrastructure Industry

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In the present industry scenario, the infrastructure industry has accomplished a milestone in the path of booming the economy of our country. Be it railroads, highway, hotels, hospital or residential complexes, these construction companies have been successful in working in an elegant manner and making the lives of the people easier.
The study paper Organization structure of Infrastructure Industry contains the ideal form organizational structure that an construction company should have.
This project work would not have been completed without the help of some people. A special thanks to Mr. Sachin Sharma General Manager Business Development and Mr. Kunnal Chaudhary Dy. Manager Business Development of D.S. Constructions Ltd., who has assisted at every step while completion of the project work.
A thank you note also for Mrs. Vandana Ashwin- HR executive Oriental Structural and Engineers Private Ltd and Ms. Meher Makhija- Punj Lloyd for helping and assisting in giving information about their respective organization.
Infrastructure is the set of interconnected structural elements that provide the frame-work for supporting the entire structure. Infrastructure includes roads, electricity, telephone services and public transportation etc, which has traditionally been provided and maintained by the government. Thus, infrastructure is the basic facilities, services and installations needed for the functioning of the community, such as transportation, and communication system, water and power lines and public institutions including schools, post offices and prisons.
Infrastructure may also be said as the constructions necessary for mining such as certain buildings, gas, pipes, water lines, sewage and water systems, telephone cables, reservoirs. It may also include roads, railways, airports, bridges as well as transmission lines, electrical cables pylons and transformers.
Indian initiated an ambitious reform programme, involving a shift from a controlled to an open market economy showing signs of overheating because of basic infrastructure constraints, both physical and human. So, far the bulk of infrastructure was in the public operating in a protected set up has been largely subsidized by the government. Infrastructure has to be made attractive for certain specific policies. Clearly there is a wide gap between the potential demand for infrastructure for high growth and available supply. This is a challenge placed before the economy i.e. before the public sector, private sector and the foreign investors.

Number of Pages of Project Report: 84
Package Includes: Project Report
Project Format: Document (.doc)

Table of Contents of Project Report:
1. Preface
2. Introduction
3. Organisational Structure
4. Methodology
5. Company Profile
(i) DS Construction Ltd
(ii) Punj Lloyd Ltd.
(iii) Oriental Structural and Engineer, Private Ltd.
6. Strategic Business Unit Concept
7. Ideal Organisational Structure
(i) Corporate Level
(ii) Site Level
(iii) SBU Concept
8. Conclusion
9. Bibliography

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