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Recruitment Practices– A Gateway To Success

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The aim of this thesis is to study the existing recruitment practices in XYZ Company (name of the company is not revealed due to confidential reasons) and design improvements in the current system.
Recruitment is an area which has gained tremendous focus in recent years. Innovative recruitment practices initiated by many companies have led to very successful results. But still many companies are unaware of the importance of good recruitment practices. They lag behind and keep searching for the reasons behind their failure. They do not realize that if the roots are wrong then the fruit will not be right, the roots being good recruitment practices.
Successful recruitment practices lead to selection of quality personnel who drive the organization on the path of success. Right people can drive the organizational bus in the right direction.
If an organization is going through a culture change then it should be very careful in reviewing its recruitment practices.
Changing culture should be supported with changes in the recruitment policy as recruitment is a critical part of an organization’s success.
This thesis consists of a study of XYZ organization, which is known for its recruitment practices in the industry.
Every policy and procedure has philosophy behind it. So this study includes the philosophy behind the recruitment policies of XYZ organization. A brief introduction followed by the actual policies and the success story is laid down to enable other players in the industry to learn and follow the guidelines.
Shortcomings in the current processes are highlighted to enable XYZ and other organizations to think and improve upon the same.
Suggestions are made to cover the shortcomings in a smooth manner.

Number of Pages of Project Report: 65
Package Includes: Project Report
Project Format: Document (.doc)

Table of Contents of Project Report:
Chapter 1 Synopsis
Chapter 2 Methodology
- Research Design
- Sampling Design
- Data Collection
Chapter 3 Introduction
- XYZ Corporation
- Company Background
- The XYZ Organization
Chapter 4 Recruitment trends mapped to XYZ
- Existing and Innovative Trends in the Industry
Chapter 5 XYZ’s Recruitment Philosophy
Chapter 6 Current Recruitment Process in XYZ
- Recruitment Techniques
- Selection Procedure
- Applying the Competency Model
Chapter 7 Issues
- Recruitment Issues
- Selection Issues
Chapter 8 Suggestions
Chapter 9 Conclusion

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