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Job Analysis, Description, Specification and Evaluation

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Employees’ effectiveness and efficiency directly leads to realization of Organizational Goals. Organizational Hierarchy and Job Description enable the employees in understanding their region of responsibility and line of authority. This helps the employees in furnishing their duties more efficiently as the Job Description gives more clarity about their respective jobs. Job Specifications help in recruiting those candidates who exactly match the requirements of the job and the culture of the organization.

1.1 Objectives of the Study
- To understand job analysis, description, specification and evaluation
- To conduct a thorough Job Analysis and prepare detailed and accurate Job Descriptions and Job Specifications.
- To give a clear, concise and readily understandable picture of the whole job.
- To describe in detail each of the main duties and responsibilities.
- To indicate the extent of direction received and supervision given and to ensure that a new employee understands the job if he reads the job description.

1.2 Methodology
The methodology consists of universe of study, locale, sample of study, data collection and data analysis.

Universe of the study
The report undertakes an in depth analysis of the organization: PARK HOTEL.

Locale of the study
The locale of the study is limited. It is restricted to a single organization

Technique of study
The technique adopted for the research is interviews conducted with the help of an interview schedule. Structured questionnaires were prepared which were administered at three different levels starting from Executive level, through the Supervisory level to the Junior Grades.

Number of Pages of Project Report:72
Package Includes: Project Report
Project Format: Document (.doc)

Table of Contents of Project Report:
Chapter 1: Introduction
1.1 Objectives of the Study
1.2 Methodology

Chapter 2: Job Analysis
2.1 Process of Job Analysis
2.2 Job Analysis Methods
2.3 Methods of Data Collection
2.4 Uses of Job Analysis
2.5 Contents of Job Analysis

CHAPTER 3: Job Description
3.1 Contents of Job Description
3.2 Guidelines for a Good Job Description
3.3 Significance of Job Desciption
3.4 Preparation of Job Description
3.5 Limitations of Job Description

CHAPTER 4: Job Specification
4.1 Contents of Job Specification

CHAPTER 5: Job Evaluation
5.1 Job Evaluation-What is it?
5.2 Principles of Job Evaluation
5.3 Objectives of Job Evaluation
5.4 Basic Procedure of Job Evaluation
5.5 Job Evaluation Methods
5.6 Job Evaluation- The Future

CHAPTER 6: Book Reviews
6.1 Book Review 1: Job Evaluation: A Guide to Achieving Equal Pay
6.2 Book Review 2: Job and Work Analysis

CHAPTER 7: Article Reviews
7.1 Article Review 1: Job Evaluation
7.2 Article Review 2: Adapting Job Evaluation Methodology to Improve Evaluation Practice
7.3 Article Review 3: Why Job Analysis Matters
7.4 Article Review 4: Job Analysis
7.5 Article Review 5: Use of the Job Description and Job Analysis

CHAPTER 8: Company Study: Part Hotel


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