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To Find out the Level of Job Satisfaction and Work Life Balance in IT Industry

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Business today is dynamic, with a steadily increasing pace of change. Timely and actionable information is the best way to combat the elements. An organization is as strong and successful as its employees are. By measuring employee satisfaction in key areas, organizations can gain the information needed to improve their satisfaction, motivation, retention and productivity. HR policy is one of the key steps to gain job satisfaction.

Addressing the essentials, including fair compensation policy, valuable benefits policy and the ability to balance work and life are crucial components of an organizationís overall retention strategy. Organizations must not only create a mix of benefits policy that retain and motivate what is often a very diverse workforce, but they must also continually fine-tune that mix policies with the job satisfaction.

Some factors of job satisfaction are universal and consistent. Both employees and HR professionals note compensation and benefits are important to employee job satisfaction. However, research has shown that there are more important factors that contribute to job satisfaction, such as relationships with immediate supervisors, management recognition of employee job performance, and communication between employees and senior management. These factors have more to do with the organizational culture and working conditions in the company.

The objectives of the study are:
- To find out the level of work life balance in IT sector.
- To find out the level of job satisfaction in IT industry.
- To do a comparative analysis of work life balance in various companies of IT sector.
- To do a comparative analysis of job satisfaction in various companies of IT sector.
The study is an attempt to find out the level of job satisfaction and work life balance in the Information Technology sector. For this purpose three organizations, namely TCS, Tata InfoTech and HCL, are studied.

Number of Pages of Project Report: 102
Package Includes: Project Report
Project Format: Document (.doc)

Table of Contents of Project Report:
Chapter 1: Introduction
1.1 Work-Life Balance
1.2 Job Satisfaction
Chapter 2: Objectives & Rationale of the Project
Chapter 3: Review of Literature
Chapter 4: Organization Profile
- Tata Infotech

Chapter 5: Research Methodology
Chapter 6: Research Findings
- Analysis of HCL
- Analysis Tata InfoTech
- Analysis of TCS
- Analysis of IT Industry
- Comparative Analysis
Chapter 7: Summary & Conclusions
- Conclusions
- Recommendations
- Limitations of Study
Chapter 8: Appendices
- Work Life Balance Questionnaire
- Scoring Sheet for Work Life Balance Questionnaire
- Job Satisfaction Questionnaire
- Scoring Sheet for Job Satisfaction Questionnaire
- References

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