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Transformation Role of Human Resource Development in Max Health Care

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Introduction: This project report will examine Transformation Role of HRD in Max Health Care from the date of inception. The major transformations in HRD throughout its history reflect the increasing importance of HRD in today’s competitive world. Max Healthcare is a typical mixture of employees coming from all types of economies say it be manufacturing, Engineering, Service etc. The main objectives of the project are:
- To understand the HRD subsystems taking place within the HRD department of Max Health Care and look into the major transformations that has happened and that may happen in coming future.
- The evaluation and analysis of the HRD subsystems to find out the present HRD role in the organisation vis-à-vis the past and also the potential future role in Max Health Care.

Number of Pages of Synopsis: 8
Number of Pages of Project Report: 45
Package Includes: Synopsis + Project Report
Project Format: Document (.doc)

Table of Contents of Synopsis:
1. Introduction of the Study
2. Aim/Objectives of the Study
3 . Research Methodology
4. Limitations
5 . Direction for Future Research

Table of Contents of Project Report:
1. Title
2. Declaration
3. Executive Summary
4. Introduction
4.1 Overview of the Topic
4.2 HRD Challenges
4.3 Effective criteria for HRD Activities
5. The Transformation of HRD Role
6. Implications of HRD’s Future Role
7. Aim of the study
8. Company Profile
9. Scope of the Study
10. HRD in Max Health Care
10.1 Integrated Human Resource Development Model of Max Health Care
11. Methodology
12. Observations
13. Specifically for the top management
14. Conclusion
15. Recommendations
16. Limitations
17. Bibliography
18. Annexures (Questionnaire)

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