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Analyzing the Recruitment and Selection in Max Heath Care Institute Ltd.

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Introduction: This project report examines one of the most important aspects of Human Resource Management, Recruitment and Selection. It studies the aspect recruitment & selection system in MAX health care –suggestion for improving the recruitment & selection system in MAX health care. Our endeavor is to create an institution of people with the right mix of Skills, Competence & Attitude and to engage them constructively in delivering Max Heart & Vascular Institute’s promise of medical and service excellence. It is therefore important that all employees should be familiar with the policies, processes and systems that govern their working in Max Heart & Vascular institute so they can deliver on the organisation’s promise of quality care.”
The health care industry is considered an industry or profession which includes peoples' exercise of skill or judgment or the providing of a service related to the preservation or improvement of the health of individuals or the treatment or care of individuals who are injured, sick, disabled, or infirm. The delivery of modern health care depends on an expanding group of trained professionals coming together as an interdisciplinary team. Consuming over 10 percent of gross domestic product of most developed nations, health care can form an enormous part of a country's economy. In 2003, health care costs paid to hospitals, physicians, nursing homes, diagnostic laboratories, pharmacies, medical device manufacturers and other components of the health care system, consumed 16.3 percent of the GDP of the United States, the largest of any country in the world. For the United States, the health share of gross domestic product (GDP) is expected to hold steady in 2006 before resuming its historical upward trend, reaching 19.5 percent of GDP by 2016. In 2001, for the OECD countries the average was 8.4 percent with the United States (13.9%), Switzerland (10.9%), and Germany (10.7%) being the top three.
The objectives of the study are:
(a) To examine the procedures of recruitment in MAX health care.
(b) To find out the selection criteria and the selection device in MAX health care.
(c) To evaluate effectiveness of recruitment & selection process MAX health care.
(d) To provide recommendations to improve the effectiveness of recruitment & selection process

Number of Pages of Project Report: 77
Package Includes: Synopsis/Project Proposal + Project Report
Project Format: Document (.doc)

Table of Contents of Synopsis:
1. Introduction of the Study
2. Aim/Objectives of the Study
3 . Research Methodology
4 . Contribution from the Study
5 . Limitations
6 . Direction for Future Research

Table of Contents of Project Report:
1) Introduction to the Industry
- Healthcare Industry
-- Systems
-- World Health Organization
-- Economics

2) Introduction to the Company
- Max Heart and Vascular Institute
- MHVI- Physical Layout
- The Way we work
- Dealing with Company’s Supplier/Customers
- Gifts from Suppliers/Customers
- Equipment Handling
- Changes in personal data
- Visitors
- Membership of Political Parties/ Bodies
- Electronic Mail Policy
- Some Do's & Don'ts
- Recruitment Policy

3) Research Methodology
a. Title Justification
-- Theoretical Prospect of Recruitment and Selection
-- Steps in Recruitment Process
-- Recruitment Policy
-- Sources of Recruitment
- Selection
-- Meaning
-- Selection Procedure
b. Objectives
c. Scope of study
d. Significance of the study
e. Research Design
f. Sampling Methodology
i. Sampling unit
ii. Sampling size
iii. Sampling area
iv. Sampling techniques
g. Limitations

4) Facts & Findings
5) Data Analysis and Interpretation
6) Recommendations
7) Conclusion
8) Bibliography
9) Annexure

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