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Performance Appraisal System Escorts Pvt Ltd

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In 1953 to form Escorts Agents Pvt. Ltd. The company’s incorporation in its present name; Escorts Ltd. Was affected on 18th January 1960. The foundation of Escorts Limited was laid in the formation of Escorts (Agents) Ltd., on 17th October 1944 and of Escorts (Agriculture and Machines) Ltd., in 1948 based at Lahore. After independence the company changed the headquarters to Delhi. These two were merged later.
Escorts have come a long way in manufacturing and marketing a range of products. It has pioneered farm mechanisation in India through import and distribution of agricultural tractors.
Escorts are a Rs.3250 Crore group with the Agri-Machinery Group constituting 37% of the turnover (about Rs.1200 Crore) and auto components about Rs.600 Crore.
The company has established a wide presence with its products being well accepted in the country as well as internationally. Tractor exports are also establishing a strong foothold in the international market with increasing exports to USA and tapping potential market on the international Agri scenario.
The basic objectives of the project undertaken will be as follows:
1) To know the employee satisfaction level about Performance Appraisal Procedure.
2) To critically analyze the functioning of the Performance Appraisal system.
3) To identify the probable areas of improvement to make performance appraisal system.
4) To learn about Performance Appraisal procedures and method.
5) Help in identifying the developmental needs of each employee with respect to his role and function.
6) Help each employee to understand his own strength and weakness.
More Objectives:
1. To study the performance appraisal process of Junior Managers in the company.
2. To study the employees’ view points on their performance appraisal.
3. To study the effectiveness of appraisal system in the company.
4. To study, whether the system is helpful for both the employer (to communicate the organizations plans, expectations, etc.) and employees (to express the training & development needs).

Number of Pages of Project Report:90
Package Includes: Project Report
Project Format: Document (.doc)

Table of Contents of Project Report:
1. Executive Summary
2. Company Profile
- History
- Origin
- Journey Travelled by Escorts
- Escorts Today
- Group Infrastructure
- Escorts Agri Machinery Group
- The Escorts - Agri Machinery Group
- Models
- Collaborations
- National View
- The Agri Machinery Group
- The Escorts Logo
- Quality Policy
2. Performance Management
- Management Review
- ISO-9001
- Products of Escorts
- Group Companies
3. Personnel Functions in the Company
4. Performance Appraisal In Escorts Limited
5. Performance Appraisal Process- JM Cadre
- Performance Rating
- Managerial Performance Appraisal Process
- The Evaluation Process
- Methods of Performance Appraisal
6. Research Methodology
- Objectives
- Relevance of the Project
- Scope of the Survey
- Methods of Data Collection
- Parameters of the Study
- Problems and Limitations of the Study
7. Data Analysis
8. Recommendations for the Improvement
9. Conclusion of the Study
10. Suggestions
11. Training Need Identification
12. Limitations of the Study
13. Bibliography
14. Questionnaire

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