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Analyzing the Performance Appraisal System of Bharti AXA Life Insurance

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Introduction: The project is aimed at the learning & experimenting all the guidelines and factors that a Life Insurance Company must consider for selling its products. The study was mostly concerned with the study and implementation of Marketing Strategies i.e. various steps undertaken by the company to increase its sale and thus increasing its market share. In the starting of the project the scope of the project was decided as:
- To study all the factors related to marketing of the products of a life insurance company
- To find various criteria for selecting a particular strategy
- To design a theoretical and applicative framework of How to sell life insurance by achieving competitive advantage
- To study the factors, which contribute, major role in selling Life Insurance

Number of Pages: 67
Package Includes: Project Report
Project Format: Document (.doc)

Table of Contents:
1. Introduction to the Industry
2. Introduction to the company
3. Research Methodology
3.0. Title
(i) Title Justification
3.1. Objective
(i) Objective One
(ii) Objective Two
(iii) Objective Three
(iv) Objective Four
(v) Objective Five
3.2. Significance of the Study
3.3. Methodology Adopted
(i) Sampling Unit
(ii) Sampling Technique
(iii) Sampling Area
(iv) Sample Size
4. Facts and Findings
5. Data Analysis and Interpretation
6. Recommendations
7. Conclusion
8. Bibliography
9. Appendix
- Questionnaire

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